How to Spend a Perfect Night in Miami Beach

It’s the weekend! In Miami Beach, there are plenty of places to go at night whether you are interested in clubs, bars or just relaxing at a restaurant near the beach. To get ready for this weekend, our student, Selina from Switzerland has some advice for you.  Selina was our English ticket winner this week, but she knows how to study English and have a good night our partying.  She wrote a description of how to spend a perfect night in Miami Beach for a class assignment and we wanted to share her ideas with all of you! Most of the ideas are for ladies, but the guys can use some of the advice too. Have fun! “The most important things you need are good, friendly and funny friends.  First of all, you have to choose a beautiful dress; it should be short and sexy. After you have put on the dress, do your hair and glamorous make-up. Next step is meeting your buddies for drinking one or two cocktails, laughing and just having a good time together. Then, decide with your mates which club in Miami Beach you would like to go to and, when you have chosen one, take some taxis and drive to the disco.  When you are in front of the club go in and head for the bar.  Next order drinks for you and your loved ones and then drink to your great time.   Afterwards go dancing or stay at the bar to talk. The most important of this process is that you have a blast all night long!”

Dance, Dance, Dance

Chill & Chat has been getting more and more crowded the past few weeks, which is great because it gives us all the opportunity to speak more English! After a very passionate discussion about soccer/football last week, we decided to stay within the sports topic and talk about dance. While we spoke about dance, we still had the Italy vs. Germany soccer game in the background, so our Italian participant, Elena, was a little distracted. During our dance chat, we found out some exciting things about our students. Another student named Elena, who is from Russia, surprised us by telling us that she used to be a ballet dancer and that she could walk on pointe. On pointe means to walk on your toes like a ballerina. We all clapped for her after she showed us her special skill in her sneakers. Galina, who is also from Russia, said that she used to dance traditional Russian folkdances every weekend in the summer in her hometown. Taiwanese student, Sunny was too embarrassed to show us the traditional dance from his country. But, luckily, his classmate and Taiwanese classmate, Jimmy, showed us a quick example of this type of dance. Our Turkish students Berkin and Ozcan showed us videos of Turkish traditional dances and talked about the importance of keeping your hands up in the air while you do the dance. Finally, Italian/Swiss student Anna shocked everyone when she did the splits! What are the splits? It’s just like gymnastics where your legs are out to both sides. She said she learned how to do it during yoga. Many of the students expressed an interest in doing salsa dancing, so we might have to do that activity again soon! To see videos of previous EC Miami students doing salsa dance lessons at … Read more

South Pointe Park

Yesterday, some of our students rented bikes and rode to South Pointe Park with Elisa. All of the students had a great time and enjoyed the beautiful park, even though it was very hot and sticky. We were surprised that many students had never heard of South Pointe Park, so we decided to tell you something about it. South Pointe Park is the furthest south part of Miami Beach. We know that many of you like to go to the club/bar/restaurant Nikki Beach. The park is near Nikki Beach. If you think about the map of South Beach, EC Miami is around 17th St. while South Pointe Park is located at 1st St. The park is very long but not very wide. It goes all the way from the bay to the Ocean and it ends at Miami Beach. Many people like to go to South Pointe Park to see a beautiful view of the ocean and the bay. It is a great place to go at sunset. Some people also like to visit the park to see the cruise ships leave the Port of Miami. The boats are huge when you are so close to them. There are not many places to eat or drink in the park, but there are little ice cream stands and one nice restaurant called Smith & Wollensky’s. This restaurant is a little expensive, but it has a good happy hour and you can sit outside and watch the people, the park, the water, and the boats. So, next time you are going towards the South of Miami Beach, make sure to check out South Pointe Park!

How to Print at EC Miami

Many students at EC Miami learn how to write descriptive processes or “how to” essays while learning English. “How to” writing is important because it tells someone how to do something clearly. We have many students ask us the question, “How do I print documents at EC Miami?” To help answer this question in a direct, clear way, we decided to write our own “how to” essay to help our students. 1)       First, it is important to know that the student computers in the student lounge do NOT print. Therefore, please do not ask an EC Miami staff member to help you print from those computers. 2)      Come to the front desk and tell the person that you would like to print a document. They will ask you either to email the document to them or to give it to them on a memory stick (USB). 3)      Next, send the email to the person or give them your memory stick and tell them which file you would like printed and how many pages it is. Also, tell them if you want more than one copy. 4)      Remember, that every print costs money, so be clear about exactly how many copies you want printed. The prices for printing are $0.25 per side of a page. So, if you print 1 double-sided (front and back) paper, it will cost you $0.50. If you have exact change it is much better for us! 5)      Finally, give the money to the person at the front desk and take your copies. The person may ask you to come back after break or after class if they are in the middle of something at that moment, but you will get your copies/prints soon! If you follow these simple steps, you will get your printed document quickly … Read more

Soccer/Football Vocabulary

Last week during Chill & Chat we discussed the European Soccer Tournament, which is happening right now in the Ukraine and Poland. The “cup” began a few weeks ago, and now there are only four teams remaining in the semi-finals: Portugal, Italy, Spain, and Germany. The semi-finals will be this week on Wednesday and Thursday. The final match will be on Sunday and all games are played at 2:45 (Miami time). We have students at EC Miami cheering for their countries, but last week at Chill & Chat we discussed vocabulary in English related to soccer (football). How many words do you know related to this popular sport? Take the quiz below to find out and then check your answers on Facebook. What is the person called who decides about penalties and red and yellow cards? What is the person called who does not score goals, but instead protects his/her team’s goal? What is it called when a person passes the ball to his/her teammate using their head instead of their feet? What do a few players on the team make when they are trying to stop a free kick from going in the goal? What is the place called where the players play the game? This week in Chill & Chat, we will be talking about dance. What words do you know related to dance? What are tap, lifts, or dips? Come this week on Thursday at 2:45 to find out the answer to this question and to expand your vocabulary!

Miami Heat Win the Championship!

The Miami Heat, the basketball team in Miami, won the NBA Championship last night and there were huge parties all over the city. Many of our students came to class tired today after a night of partying and celebrating. The Miami Heat have been in the playoffs for a few weeks now, but they had to beat multiple teams to get to the final games. Last night, their game was against the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Miami Heat scored a lot of points. The final score was 121-106. LeBron James, who is one of the most famous players in basketball, is on the Miami Heat team and this was his first time winning a Championship. Before playing the Thunder, the Heat also had to play and win against Boston, New York, and Indiana. In a few days there will probably be a big celebration or parade to congratulate the winning team. Go Miami!

EC Miami Beach Soccer Tournament

Last night on Miami Beach many students were cheering, “Go EC!” EC Miami students and staff played a 5-on-5 soccer match against another local language school. We had expected to have a friendly scrimmage but our opponents were very serious and we quickly became a team and played hard. In the end, we lost by 1 or 2 goals, but it was a fun match overall. The game started out with some difficulties for EC Miami as we tried to work as a team and had to find someone to play goalie. Eventually, the team came together more with the help of our Student of the Month and team captain, Hugo from Brazil. As the only student from Brazil, the students voted for him to be our captain and lead EC Miami to victory, just like the professional teams in Brazil. Our other players were from Turkey, Switzerland, Germany, Mexico and, of course, the U.S. Everyone had a great time because every person who wanted to play was able to including some of our staff and teachers. We were excited to see that some of our female students who originally wanted to be cheerleaders decided to join in the soccer game too! We may have been outnumbered, but we still worked hard and had fun!

Take A Beach Break, Try a Park!

We know that many of your love to spend your days relaxing and sunbathing on Miami Beach, but there are many other options besides the beach. If you want a beach break, we suggest that you try out Flamingo Park. Flamingo Park is a medium-sized, public park located just a few blocks south of EC Miami. It is located between Alton Road and Meridian Avenue (east to west) and 11th St. to 15th St. (north to south). Flamingo Park has many free or cheap facilities that are open to the public. For people who want to be very active, there is a track as well as fields for various sports, such as soccer. There are also basketball courts and tennis courts. In addition to these ball-related sports, there is also an aquatics center. An aquatics center is a fancy name for a pool. The pool is open most days of the week and includes an area to swim laps. The price to enter the pool is $10 for adults or it is free if you can prove that you are a Miami Beach resident. To do this you would probably need something showing your address in Miami. Whether you want to go for a swim, play ball, go for a run, or simply sit under a tree to read, Flamingo Park is a great place to go. For more information go to the Flamingo Park website. So, next time you are walking down Alton Road, take a detour and check out this lovely green space!

What are the Cambridge exams?

Last week we said goodbye to our Cambridge exam students and this week they all worked hard taking their exams. As many of you know, EC Miami offers General English classes as well as Cambridge class and other types of classes. We talk about Cambridge students a lot, but do you know what the Cambridge exams are and why people take them? This blog post will give you some basic information about them. Many people from all over the world take preparation classes and then take the Cambridge exams. These exams are used by some universities and businesses to prove your level of English. There are many Cambridge exams, but we are going to focus on the three most common ones for English language learners. First, there is the FCE exam. This stands for the First Certificate in English and it equivalent to about an Upper-Intermediate level of English. Next, there is the CAE exam, which is the Certificate of Advanced English. So, it is obviously for Advanced Students. Lastly, the highest level of exam is the CPE exam or Certificate of Proficency in English. This test is the most difficult and is only for students who are almost completely fluent. Anyway can take these exams, but at EC Miami we suggest that you are at an Intermediate or Upper-Intermediate level before you try to do so. All of the tests involve many skills of English such as Reading, Writing, Grammar/Vocabulary, Writing, Listening, and Speaking. Therefore, it is important that you are good in many skills, instead of just one. If you ever have questions about the Cambridge exams, please ask at the front desk or go to the EC website and click on Cambridge ESOL under classes. Our next exam classes will be in September and we would love to see you in one … Read more

Flag Day

We always like to let our students now when it is a U.S. holiday and today is not really a holiday, but it is a somewhat important day for Americans. We still have classes because it is not a national holiday, but today is Flag Day in the U.S. The name Flag Day tells us the meaning of the day; it is a Flag Day to commemorate our flag. In other words, it’s the flag’s birthday. The U.S .flag changed a few times in history, but now it has 50 stars representing the 50 states in the U.S. and red and white stripes representing the 13 original colonies that formed the U.S. back in history. National Flag Day has existed since 1949 and it is always on June 14th. Not many American celebrate or even remember Flag Day, but sometimes students in school with do special flag-related, history projects. Also, some people will hang flags in front of their homes or businesses. Do you have a day in your country in honor of your flag? What do you do to celebrate?