EC Giving Back Day!

As all of our staff, and most of our students, now know that EC Miami will be participating in a Giving Back Day. This day is important because we want to help our communities and volunteer our time. The special day will be on Saturday, April 14th from about 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. and it is a great opportunity to practice your English while also helping people in the Miami area.

This event is a worldwide EC project and all of the EC schools will be participating in their own way. Some schools are cleaning up the environment while others are offering free English classes to refugees in their areas. No matter what we are doing and where we are, all of EC will be coming together for this good cause.

Almost all of EC Miami’s teachers and staff members will be participating in the event and we encourage you to participate too! You may have seen it written on our activity calendar in the “upcoming events” section and there is now a sign-up sheet in the front binder too. We would love to have as many students as possible participate because we will be working with students!

EC Miami will be working at a school for children who have special needs. We will be doing a variety of tasks because the school is moving locations to a new building. Therefore, we will be doing everything from construction and clean-up to interacting with the students through art-related activities. Everyone will definitely be able to find something they enjoy doing on this special day. Keep reading our blog this week and next for more information about EC Miami’s location and the Giving Back Day. More is coming soon!