Valentine’s Day International Food Festival

EC Miami decided to do something a little different for our first Valentine’s Day. In addition to the regular pink, red, hearts, and chocolate, we decided to have an International Food Festival with a “love” theme because we LOVE international food and our international students! The event was a giant success and we are so proud of all of our students for participating and creating cute decorations, making (or sometimes buying) yummy food, and staging unexpected dance numbers. Each room had special themes ranging from a Valentine’s night club complete with bouncers and strobe lights to a French-themed room filled with crepes and chocolate-covered fruit. Students and staff were able to sample tiramisu from Italy, potato delights from Switzerland, bacon-wrapped dates from Poland, blinis from Russia, lots of chocolate and many more international delights. The judges of our food festival included a few of the employees at the neighboring businesses in our building and we are so thankful to them for their help. In the end, the winners were the advanced class who wore matching red clothing and Swiss flags and performed a pre-choreographed dance to “Love is All Around”. We also encouraged students to wear red and pink colors in order to possibly win a raffle prize. Galina from Russia won our raffle and received a $40 gift card to Shake Shack. We want to say a BIG thank you to all of our students and teachers who participated and shared their food with us. Don’t forget to check out more of the photos and the dance video on Facebook and add your photos and videos of the event too! It was truly an amazing event and almost everyone left with full stomachs and smiles!

Student Writing: Can Psychologists Read Human Thoughts?

Students in all of our classes strive to improve their writing skills while at EC Miami. One of our students, Tatiana, who has sadly left EC Miami today to return to Russia, is a psychologist in her home country. She constantly strives to educate others about her field both in and out of class, and many of our students have learned a lot from her. We wanted to display one of her essays here because it asks a question that many people have debated: do you really believe that psychologists could read human’s thoughts? That’s see what our EC Miami expert thinks about this intriguing question! “Even though there are  differences between  psychologists, psychotherapists and  psychiatrists  that people are often misunderstood, the latter  may lead to the negative consequences. If you are considering one of these professions, take care not to mistaken one for another. Accurate research needs to be done, in order to understand the criteria required for each profession. Sometimes people are afraid of psychologists because they think that they have a possibility to get into their brains. Some people believe that becoming a psychologist is  a ticket to know other people’s business and an opportunity to know  about others everything. Do you really suppose that psyhologists can read you thoughts? Definitely, not. It just prejudice and this kind of attitude exist in reality within our society. I would shortly like to provide you with a synopsis into this  amazing professional field that indeed opens the door to the bottom (deep) of human mentality. Considering that psychology is a quite young science there are a lot of fields that you might be interested in. Firstly, you have to understand  what kind of people would you prefer working with? If you are interested in some people who have mental disorders like,  schizophrenia, psychosis, neurosis  … Read more

Sports Activities with EC Miami Students

 It’s hard to believe that we have already been open for one month! We celebrated our one month anniversary on February 3rd and we are continuing to welcome more and more students into our classes. These students want to have the whole Miami experience, so we have also been planning activities for them, especially sports-related ones. On South Beach, it is always important to maintain a beach body and our athletic events help students to do this! Back in January a few of the students went with Reese to play beach volleyball. The games started out friendly and there was a lot of cooperation, but as the afternoon continued, it steadily got more competitive. Everyone left the event covered in sand, but smiling! Last week, some students tried out bowling with Elisa at the nearby Lucky Strike alley. They bowled the night away and tried to get as many strikes as possible. Some students were definitely better than others, but everyone had fun! Many students are also looking forward to our upcoming sports events. We have some special EC tickets to an upcoming Miami HEAT basketball game and we also are hoping to run more volleyball, yoga, or other sports events in the future. If you have any suggestions, leave us a comment and let you know what you would athletic activities you would like to do! Also, check out more photos of our sports events on our Facebook page!

Local Restaurant Reviews

Two of our students at EC Miami have tried two different restaurants in the area. Here are their reviews. SOLENE (France): My favorite restaurant in Miami Beach is Drexel Irish Pub, located on Española Way.  The atmosphere there is really nice. You can sit outside, there is good music and it takes you to another country for the evening! I had only ordered drinks but they also serve appetizers such as burgers or fish and chips that, according to my friends, are nice. I particularly like it because it is at the very end of Espanola Way and there are fewer people and no cars. The service is good and the chief waiter is really nice (his name is Alfredo). The beers are five dollars each and you can have non-alcoholic beverages for less than three dollars, so I think it is very reasonable. You can also play foosball.  I would really recommend this place for a nice evening with friends. We often go there and we always have fun. DAMIAN (Switzerland): I tried Segafredo, which is a typical Italian restaurant and café. I went there for dinner. In Miami Beach there are three Segafredo restaurants. I tried the one on Española Way because there is a beautiful ambiance. My overall opinion about Segafredo is very positive. The food which they offer is typical Italian. The atmosphere is great and I was also surprised about the service. The waiter was very polite and attentive. For example, he refilled our glasses and asked if everything was all right or if we needed more bread. I think the prices are fair. For a normal dish you have to pay between 10 and 20 dollars. I can especially recommend the Caesar salad with salmon. I can recommend the restaurant for all those who … Read more

Watersports in Miami

EC Miami is happy to announce that we will now begin featuring writing by our students on our blog in addition to our regular updates. This post is written by two students in our Upper-Intermediate Class about various watersports that students should try in Miami. Tatiana from Russia and Aleksandra from Poland give some great suggestions for adventurous students interested in these types of activities. Welcome to Miami! There are many activities which you can do here. We suggest trying some water sports because this is a very good place for such kind of experience. Mostly the weather here is very good, it’s usually sunny and warm. There are many possibilities; you could try scuba–diving, windsurfing, kitesurfing, and water skiing. You will find many places on the beach where you can get the agencies which have all of the equipment you need. However, we recommend you to do scuba – diving because in this area there are lots of marvelous corals gardens, many colorful fish and amazing underwater views. Moreover, if you a lucky person you will see the magnificent fish called whale shark which is the biggest fish all over the world. Don’t worry, it’s not dangerous because this fish only eats plankton. It’s very exciting and you probably will forget about your problems after such an incredible experience. In general all watersports are amazing!