Red Nose Day at EC Manchester

Red Nose Day at EC Manchester

Red Nose Day is a fundraising event organized in United Kingdom once a year by Comic Relief, an important charity organization. One of those events is the purchase of some fake red noses in the main supermarkets of the country. All the money collected will be sent to development projects in Third World countries. Here in EC Manchester we bought a bunch of them and then we distributed them between all our students who wanted to participate with a donation. Everyone brought food as well, and we spend a nice time after class. We also collected a good amount for the noses 🙂      

Student Testimonial: Timo

Timo Estermann will be really missed in EC Manchester by everyone! He came from Switzerland to do the preparation for the First Certificate exam, and stayed with us for 3 months doing an ESOL course at EC Manchester He wanted to share a little text about his experience. “I have chosen EC Manchester because of may agency, they recommended me Ec and to be honest, my favorite football team is Manchester United. So, I had no choice! After a few weeks, my English was way better than before, but I don`t know why! Was it because of the amazing teachers or the familiar atmosphere in school, I really don`t know. One of the best things about EC Manchester are the free time activities, the chance to meet schoolmates in a different ambiance and to make a relationship with people from around the world. I always start to smile while looking back. The time in EC Manchester was really enjoyable and I would do it again, every time!” Thanks a lot Timo! See you soon!    

FIFA 15 Tournament in EC Manchester

Last friday it took place in EC Manchester the final of the I FIFA 15 Tournament in our recently purchased brand new Playstation4. The tournament has been happening the last 2 weeks with 16 players representing the best teams in the world. The final faced our two colombian students Cesar (Liverpool FC) and Mauricio (Atletico de Madrid) being Cesar the winner for 2-0. In April there will be another tournament, so if you study an English Language Course in EC Manchester or you are going to do it soon, sign up in reception and get ready for the glory.      

Student Ambassador: Rafaela

Hello Guys=)   I’m Rafaela Ming from Switzerland. I study English since January in EC and stay until June here. Before I came to Manchester, I worked as a Screen Printer ( I printed T-Shirt and Stickers)..and after, when I go home, I will work as a Social Worker with teenagers. Something about me: I like to meet new people all over the world and I’m interested to learn more about different culture. I’m a very happy person and i love to laugh and have fun.  When you need something or when do you have a question, let me know and I will help you.    Enjoy your time in EC=)    Your Rafaela

Student Ambassador: Hani

In EC Manchester we have started the recruitment of new student ambassadors. Students who are going to be doing English Courses in Manchester for a long time and we think they can help new students to settle down in their first days. One of them is Hani, from Libya who wanted to share a message with all the students and the student thinking to study English in Manchester Hello, my name is Hani Tuwini, I am from Libya and I’m a petroleum engineering graduate. I use to Work for an international oil service company called Weatherford, I worked for 5 years, then I decided to continue my eduction by obtaining a Masters degree. So I decided to go to the UK and improve my English first. I came to EC Manchester and started my journey and I have been chosen to be the student ambassador for our school, I’m here to help you with any issues that you will face whilst in Manchester, in or out of school, don’t hesitate to talk to me, as I am here to speak up for the students and help them in any way possible. I hope I can make your stay more easier Enjoy your time at EC and at Manchester Enjoy your EC experience