Student Blog: Restaurant Reviews!

Today, the Advanced class wrote reviews for restaurants they have visited. Great job, Andrea and Silke! Kentucky Fried Chicken by: Andrea Everyone who watches Southpark loves KFC or at least they think they will. So did I even I hadn`t tried it ever before. I was superexcited when I found out there was a KFC right next to my motel. On my first evening I forced my roommate to go there. She was trying to convince me not to go because she didn`t like it at all…I should have listened. After we arrived I asked the guy at the counter what he would recommend (shouldn`t have done that but at least he was friendly). I can`t remember exactly what I was eating but I guess it doesn`t really matter because everything was the same except they looked different. I love chicken, I relly do, but after I took the first bite this changed immediately. Ican`t describe the taste but it was just DISGUSTING. Greasy, not cripy at all, dry…just everything you don`t want your food to be. After, half the plate we left and went back home and now the best part of the story. Back at home I still had this smell all over me. Sleeping was not possible that night. My stomach was going crazyand I had to throw up all night long. That has happened only once before because of an McRaclette but at least that one was good when I ate it.     Panera Bread, Santa Monica By: Silke If you like to eat healthy but also fast food go to Panera Bread. Try their fresh salads, if you prefer with some meat as a toppin, their soups or choose one of their tasty sandwiches. Order one of Banera Breads Iced Green Tea as a … Read more