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Lakers game – EC Los Angeles Activity

Happy Tuesday!   If you are a sports lover, LA will be the perfect option for you. In LA, we have a lot of good sports teams, such as Dodgers, Angeles for the baseball, LAFC for soccer, and other college teams are fun to watch as well. However, probably the most popular team of all is the “LA Lakers”. One day in October, we went to see the Lakers game as one of our activities. NBA games around this year are called Preseason games. These games usually occur in late September at the beginning of October. Each team generally plays around six games at this time, and these games aren’t really part of their game status. However, it is a very good opportunity to see the new players, and sometimes the star players.         On the day of the game, it was lakers pride night. The Lakers celebrated diversity, inclusion, and unity by hosting members and supporters from the LGBTQ community. Students were lucky, they got the Lakers Pride Night Unity LED bracelet:) Moreover, star players usually don’t really play at the preseason games, but Lebron James and Anthony Davis played at the game.   Students were really happy to see the star players and enjoyed the atmosphere of the NBA games.   EC Los Angeles does not only offer fun activities but offers great english courses in los angeles. Please click here to learn more about EC Los Angeles:)  

Meet our new intern Manqian :)

  We are pleased to announce our new intern Manqian at her EC Los Angeles! Here is the message from her below.       Hello Everyone! My name is Manqian (“man-chi-an”) Yang. I’m a Student Services Intern at EC Los Angeles. I started my internship in late September 2019 and won’t leave until next April (how exciting)!   I am from China – just graduated this year with a BA degree – so it’s been a long trip for me. This is my second time coming to LA. I was an exchange student at Cal State LA for 9 months, and I fell in love with Cali sunshine. I like the diversity of Los Angeles. People from all over the world make different cultures collide and LA a vibrant city. Bathed in the most gorgeous sunset, you can enjoy exotic foods with people speaking different languages – and that’s the most common scene on the beautiful Santa Monica beach!   Joining EC family makes my journey in LA more unforgettable. Meeting new people, listening to their stories, and exploring new things are what I’ll never stop doing. When you are ready to share your stories with me, I’ll be ready to meet you at ECLA. Come say hi!   Are you looking for english courses in los angeles? Then, EC Los Angeles will be the perfect school for you. EC Los Angeles offers you ESL classes and courses with level from beginner to proficiency as well as test preparation programs for Cambridge and TOEFL exams.

Sneak peak of October Activity Calendar

October is here and we are very excited to announce our new EC Activity Calendar:   In Japan, there are several expressions for autumn such as Fall is the best season for eating, Fall is the best season for sports, Fall is the best season for Arts, etc. The reason people started using that expression has a long history, but mostly because Japan has four seasons and enjoys different things depending on the season. Although seasons in the US are not a distinct season as Japan, Japanese people have a good point that there are many things that we can enjoy in the fall.   Sports One of our popular activities among the students, sports! In EC Los Angeles, we have a variety of sports activities. Basketball, we started as our official activity since September and students are loving it so we decided to run the activity this month as well. Don’t worry even though you are not good at it our it is your first time playing basketball, because one of our staff, Tika is a basketball coach so she will make you as a better and the best player:) Yoga at the beach is the new activity that we started this year, it is super relaxing and good for student’s health. Soccer, no need to say but it’s very fun and we also play near the beach. One of our biggest events this month,… watching NBA games!!! Do you know the NBA team for Los Angeles? Yes, The LA Lakers. Come join us if you would like to watch the Lakers game!   In-School Activity Yes, we know, for those of you who would like to stay inside, we have some activities for you too! Trivia Party and Boardgame party will be a great activity for students who want … Read more