Halloween: Switzerland vs. USA

Pumpkins, Costumes, & Festivities

Getting to partake in the holidays of another country is always a fun experience. In this post, Student Ambassador, Kim (Switzerland), explains the differences between Halloween celebrations in Switzerland vs. in the US!

Halloween day is only once per year and it is such a fun day. Each country has its own traditions for Halloween. All of the EC students were really excited to have a successful American Halloween. Here, I’m going to explain the differences between the Halloween experience of Switzerland and the USA.


Halloween: Swiss-Style

First of all, I have enjoyed celebrating Halloween since I was a child. I love dressing up with a costume or even just with make-up. In my region in Switzerland, unfortunately we don’t have any parades or stuff like that. Instead, we usually have a house party where we can dress up all together, eat and after that go by public transportation to a night club. Some nightclubs have free entry if we have make up or a costume.



Halloween: EC-Style

I had the opportunity to be in Los Angeles for Halloween and actually, I was really eager to see how amazing it would be since it’s such a big deal for American people. I wasn’t disappointed at all. EC Los Angeles organized a pumpkin-carving competition where my FCE (Cambridge) class had a lot of fun creating our “Cruel Minion”. We also had a Costume Contest and 3 people won a prize. I appreciated the fact that a lot of students came to school with at least an accessory.

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Halloween: West Hollywood-Style

During the night we went out with my friends in West Hollywood. There was a really huge parade where we could dance, drink, see crazy costumes and just have a good time. I was really fascinated to see the creative costumes of the citizens in America. You can find everything there: scary people, funny, horrible, ridiculous, etc… My favorite was a couple dressed up like the animation Tom & Jerry. I hope you had such a great time wherever you were in the world and I advise you to come to LA and enjoy Halloween here as much as I did. I can’t wait for the next Halloween in 2018!


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 — Kim, Student Ambassador (Switzerland)

Thank you, Kim, for this great post!

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Post Edited By: Ashley Lee