A Grain of Grammar: the “I” or “Me” dilemma

We know that the English language can be quite confusing – even for native English speakers! So we want to share some quick and powerful grammar tips to help you as you learn English in Los Angeles.

Grammar tip as you learn English in Los Angeles

Language Tip: I or Me 

People often have trouble deciding whether to use “I” or “me” when speaking English. Usually this problem happens when talking about things you do with other people. For example, should you say “John and me went to the store” or “John and I went to the store?”

Here’s an easy trick to remember: Think of the sentence without the other person’s name. Then decide which one is better.

John and me went to the store.

John and I went to the store.

That way you can see that “John and I went to the store” is the correct option. This quick trick is a great way to help you remember when to use “I” or “me!”

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