Daneal’s Experience to learn English in London

This testimonial is from Danael , a Swiss-German student, who recommends everyone to go to EC to learn English in London! We asked him the reason why he chose to come to EC London: I chose to study with EC because my teacher in Switzerland and the agent from Boa Lingua advised it to me. Our second question is: what did he like about the school? I liked the people and the staff in EC school because they are helpful and open. We asked Danael what will be his unforgettable memory of EC? The most unforgettable memory of EC was when they helped me to choose the best way to travel. Especially one person spent her free time for this. We would like to know if he wants to recommend EC to a friend and why: I would recommend EC school to my friends because I had a very good experience to study here in London. EC was for my level the best choice. Our last but not least question is, what is the best thing to do on Sunday? The best thing to do on Sunday for me is going to the local Church with my christen friends. We thank Danael for this special message and we hope to see him and his friends soon!

Intern Experiences at EC London

EC London takes in students from all over the world, but we also welcome international interns who come and train with us to gain crucial workplace experience. One success story comes from Hong Kong. Jane Lau trained with EC London junior school this summer and we loved having her here! I’ll let Jane tell you the story… ‘Hi, I’m Jane Lau. I am an Uni student majoring in Translation and I’m from Hong Kong. This summer, I interned in EC London for 2 months and mainly worked in Catford for the Junior Programme. That was one of the most incredible experiences in my life that I would like to share with everyone. This was the first time for me to work in an English-speaking and multi-ethnic environment. Before I came to UK for the internship, I was a bit nervous about working in a new environment. But my experience proves that my worry was unnecessary and I have learnt a lot through this internship. I had a really great time working with colleagues at Stukeley Street and in Catford Junior School. They are all very caring and nice. We worked as a team and we had a really good time working together. Though some tough things might happen, but it is nice that there is always someone who can share and support you. Having been working in a pure English environment, I find that now I’m more confident in speaking English, great thanks to my colleagues. Another thing that I found the nationality mix in my workplace provided me a precious opportunity to learn cooperating with people from different cultural background and exchange out ideas and thoughts. And of course, I have learned so many practical skills from the work place that were beyond what I expected. Thanks EC! I … Read more