Hidden Places in London-Kingly Court

Being a student at EC London gives you the chance to discover many interesting places. As I have already mentioned Neal’s Yard in a previous post, I would like to come up with another hidden place in London. Kingly Court is located in Soho, one of London’s most fashionable areas. You can find it right behind Liberty in Carnaby Street. Carnaby Street is famous for its fashion boutiques, its diversity and its restaurants. In Kingly Court you can truly feel all of this. The hidden courtyard is picturesque. Apart from colourful little houses, plants and lights, you can find many different kinds of restaurants. There are 21 of international concept restaurants, bars and cafes. If you love pizza, there is Pizza Pilgrims. If you fancy Indian food, go to Darjeeling express. You can even try Peruanian food at a restaurant called Senor Ceviche. Kingly Court also offers loads of healthy food options. The Detox Kitchen sells all healthy food free from wheat, dairy and refined sugars. At Acai Berry you can try fruity acai bowls and smoothies. So no matter if you are craving burgers, ramen or kebab, you can find anything here. Apart from all the amazing restaurants, Kingly Court’s architecture gives a really nice vibe. There is a colourful railing all around the courtyard, paired with little plants and lights around it. In the summer, it’s open air, so you can sit outside and enjoy with your friends. In the winter, it’s covered so you can still sit outside and be thrilled by the beautiful lights.   Kingly Court is definitely worth a visit. Even if you just want to walk around or try some of the amazing restaurants, you won’t regret going there.

Movie Nights at EC

As part of the social programme for students at EC London, movie night takes place once a week. Movies so far have included Race, The Imitation Game and Into the Wild. The students are given a choice of two or three movies and the most popular goes on. Along with the film, there is also food and drink like pop corn, crisps and soft drinks. Benefits for Students Socialising One of the great benefits of movie night is the fantastic opportunity before and after to meet other students from all over the world, make new friends and practice English with them. This could be in the form of general conversation or discussing the film once it has finished. Also, by making new friends, students may have a long-term ability to practice their English more and more if they meet their friends more and more after classes. Listening Practice and Language Exposure Frequently hearing natural spoken English is a benefit to students’ listening abilities. Also, frequent exposure to a certain grammar point may train the ear to recognise how the grammar sounds. After all, native speakers do not necessarily recognise the individual words that make up grammar, but instead recognise how it sounds. With subtitles students can also pick up new vocabulary. All in all though, whether actively or passively students will be consolidating practice they have had in class This Week Forrest Gump vs Passengers If you are a student looking for a chance to meet other students of a variety of nationalities and practice both your speaking and listening, why don’t you come along to the next event? If you are thinking of taking a Celta course, click to find out more about our courses at EC with an extremely experienced team. This could be the start of your journey … Read more

Pizza by the Metre

Sartori Restaurant, London Sartori is located close to Leicester Square so is a great location for transport and continuing the party after your meal. It is predominantly Italian staff, making it an authentic experience in all aspects. Pizza Pizza by the metre does sound like a gimmick and I suppose in some respects it is. However, if that pizza is an authentic wood-fired pizza, gimmick becomes pure heaven in an instant. I have been to Sartori at least twenty times and I haven’t once been disappointed. There are countless pizzas to choose from and don’t think that you are limited to just one when you are designing your metre. One metre can comprise four types of pizza. Therefore, a metre will typically feed four people comfortably. Atmosphere It is a popular restaurant and booking is advised. This results in a lively atmosphere throughout the place so is ideal for a group or party. Downstairs is the wood-fire oven so you can see you pizza being made with all fresh ingredients. All in All A perfect place for both group and smaller bookings and really is comfort food of the highest order. Fully recommended for any pizza lover!  Sartori is the perfect place to celebrate obtaining your Celta certificate with your coursemates. Click to find out more about our teaching English courses in London at EC London.

A taste of Japan in London

Hello to all the Japan lovers and students from School of English EC London out there!   I have been struggling for five weeks looking for a cheap and good place where to eat sushi in London, and now I want to share this brilliant discover with all of you. There is a Japanese centre very close to Piccadilly, that offers Japanese street food at ground floor (amazing takoyaki!), while at first floor there is a big Japanese market that sell all the ingredients you could need to cook your own Japanese meal at home, and much more. In addition, they offer fresh made sushi at the same price of wasabi/itsu (but much better!), and there is also a little kitchen preparing hot food like curry plates and ramen.   Little tip? If you go there half an hour before the closure (7-7:30 PM), you can buy all the fresh sushi of the day with a big discount, ‘cause they can’t sell it the next day!!!!! You can visit their website here: http://www.japancentre.com/location