EC Teacher Profile- Prakash Parmar

EC London has many fantastic teachers, and one of the longest-serving and most loved is Prakash Parmar. Prakash started teaching at EC London after completing his Celta course in 2010, and has taught at EC ever since.  Prakash has taught all levels of English, and is currently one of EC’s Ielts teachers.  We caught up with Prakash to find out why he decided to become a teacher, why he enjoys it, and what advice he would give to other teachers. Why did you decide to become a language teacher? Prakash: “I decided to do a Celta course in London with EC because I had studied French at university and was interested in languages. I also thought English language teaching had a lot of potential in terms of where I could go and what  I could do. And I thought  teaching would be fun. ”   What do you like about teaching? Prakash: “I like language teaching because every day is different, and I get the chance to meet different people from all over the world, which is really interesting and fun. Seeing my students make progress is really rewarding as well, especially in the case of an exam class like Ielts, so I like that aspect of the job. I have only taught at EC, but I love the school because there is a real focus on academics, and everyone on the staff is very passionate about teaching. ” What advice would you give to new teachers? Prakash: ” I would say never be afraid to try new things in class and to test new ideas. If something doesn’t work, treat it as a learning experience. Also, ask other teachers for help and advice. Everyone has different ideas and it’s always good to get a different perspective, and other teachers are … Read more

Exciting Day Trips from EC London

Most visitors to London know the famous sights of the city. Historic places like Westminster Abbey and the Tower of London, or world-class museums like the Tate, always top any tourist’s must-see list. London truly has something for everyone. But what about the many interesting places to visit located just outside of the city? Luckily for visitors, there are loads of fascinating locations that can be easily reached from London. Keep reading to discover more! Hatfield House Hatfield House, built in 1611, is less than an hour’s journey from King’s Cross station in central London. The beautiful house has been used as a filming location for countless films and TV series including Harry Potter, Wonder Woman, and The Crown, so you might recognise the rooms and gardens.  Hatfield House is also next to the site of the Old Palace of Hatfield, where the children of King Henry VIII grew up. Famously, Queen Elizabeth I found out she was going to become queen while she was living at Hatfield. Whether you are interested in history and architecture, or just fancy a lovely day in the countryside, Hatfield House is a wonderful place to visit. Windsor Castle For fans of the royal family, Windsor Castle also makes a great day-trip from London. People all over the world watched the Royal Wedding in May, making Windsor a very popular tourist attraction.  Make sure you book your tickets in advance to avoid the queues.  The surrounding town is lovely, and  Windsor Castle itself is over 1,000 years old. It is also one of the Queen’s favourite homes, making it the oldest occupied castle in the world!  The castle is huge, so make sure you allow lots of time for your visit.   Whether you are interested in studying English in London, or completing a … Read more

Kim’s Celta Testimonial

  Have you ever wondered if English teaching was for you? Well, if you are considering a Celta course, why not check out Kim’s testimonial, the course at EC London, to better understand what it takes to gain the world-renowned certificate. Kim’s experience “I completed the Celta course at EC London over a 3-month period, attending two evenings per week plus most Saturdays. The course tutors made us feel welcome and well supported from the start, and along with the central location, modern, friendly environment and up to date technology, this gave me confidence that I could succeed. Assessment started very early in the course and continued each week. There were tight, but achievable deadlines for the written work, with feedback being given promptly so that I had time to make any changes or improvements. Teaching practice was assessed fairly, with specific comments and suggestions which enabled me to develop my skills. As students on the course we were encouraged to self-assess, and to give and accept feedback from each other. The tutors modelled good practice for the teaching activities throughout, so that we had an arsenal of good ideas for our assessed teaching practice. This included support and encouragement for what to do if things did not go as planned (or suggestions for what to do next time)! Having completed this course, I know I have a qualification which includes assessed teaching practice and which is well respected. I have felt confident at job interviews because of this and have been working since completing the course. I would thoroughly recommend anyone to do their Celta at EC. One of our last sessions was on hints and tips for interviews, and how to get work. Shortly after I applied to EC London for a job, was successful at interview and … Read more