EC London 30+ One Weeker student

Hi guys! Elora speaking from the EC London 30+ team.

Last Friday I interviewed Marie, a one weeker +30 student from France. Let’s see what she has to say about her week in London.

Hi Marie! So, let’s begin. Where are you from?

I am from a small village under Paris, in the South.

Why do you want to learn English?

Well, I love the language and the British literature. I also wanted to learn in order to travel in English speaking countries with my family. Also, I own a campsite in France and I have a lot of clients speaking English. So, I thought it could be great to learn the language in order to speak better with them.

Why London?

Coming in London has always been a dream. It’s a beautiful city! And I was interested about the different customs that people have here so I chose to come around and feed my curiosity!

And why EC London?

Well, I have a friend called Marie Manguy, an English teacher in France, who told me that EC London was a great school. So, I just followed her advice… and here I am!

What do you think about the school and the classes?

The school is very good. All the teachers are nice and I enjoyed classes where we used authentic resources (for example: Youtube, Radio, Internet…) The level was perfect, not too simple or too hard. And I had an international group in my class, so I spoke with a lot of people coming from all around the world!

Also, the school has a good situation. It’s in Central London and just 1-minute walking from Euston Station. It’s good when you want to visit the city after classes!

Do you think your English is better after this week here?

Yes, I think so. I am less shy now when it comes to speak in English, I can understand better and in general, I am more comfortable in English now. However, I must progress in conjugation, but I will definitely work at home when I’ll be back in France!

Nice! And finally, will you come again in this school?

Of course! I had a great time here so yes, with pleasure. But this time, I want to bring my children with me so that they can learn English too!

Great! Thank you for your time Marie, we wish you all the best!