Learning English online or in a classroom: why working with other students helps you improve

One of the most common comments from our students is that they want to talk more to the teacher, they do not seem to value time spent talking to other students in the same way – ‘how can I learn by talking to someone the same level as me?’ This is one of the perceptions that leads students to believe that small classes or one to one classes are the best options for their learning. However, whether you are learning English online or in a classroom working with other students is a really important aspect for developing your language skills – here are three reasons why: 1 – Learning a language is not like learning maths or history, knowledge (linguistic competence) is not enough. To be able to use a language you also need communicative competence, and this only comes with practice; practice in lots of different contexts with lots of different conversation partners – after all, you will not be speaking to only one person for the rest of your life. 2 – Language teachers are used to listening and interacting with students from all over the world. We are so used to interpreting what our students are saying that we often do it without thinking – when my student from West Java told me he was ‘going to piss in a fool’ – I knew without thinking he was going fishing – at the pool. Other students do not have the same experience and understanding of different accents and syntax. This means you have to work harder to understand and be understood – helping you to hone your communication skills. 3 – Unless you are planning to move to an English speaking country, the vast majority of conversations you will have In the real world will be with … Read more

Students taking an online lesson in EC Virtual using TEAMS

Why you need your camera on in an EC Online Lesson

During EC Virtual classes, we ask all students to have their cameras on. The reasons for having cameras on in live online learning lessons are simple: we make judgments based on facial expressions and body language and we decide if someone understands or if they are confused or if they are bored using those expressions. In the online world we use cameras so we can see you and see that you are engaged and understand as you, the learner, participate in the class. Are Live Online classes right for you? Some students are reluctant to have their cameras on, this is totally fine but it could be that live online classes are not the best learning solution for you. Maybe you should try a distance learning class where you work individually and interaction is with the computer programme. If you want to join live online classes with other students, be prepared to have the camera on. Body Language and facial expressions are important In a traditional classroom environment, the teacher uses students’ facial expressions and body language to monitor the classroom dynamic and to focus attention on those who need more support – even if they have not said it aloud. This is even more important in online live learning sessions as the attention of students is drawn to the teacher and all the other participants because each one is given the same importance on their screen. There is no ‘back of the classroom’ for anyone to hide in; it has become quite intimate and everyone has a responsibility to participate; this is a huge benefit of online learning. Be part of the classroom community Another benefit of seeing each other is that you get to ‘meet’ your classmates and you feel part of the room, part of the community … Read more

EC Virtual Student Review

Hear what our students are saying about EC Virtual

Hit play to watch a few words from some of our EC Virtual students and hear what they have to say about their experience learning English online. With EC Virtual you can bring our classroom inside your home, and learn English online live with our experienced teachers and classmates from all over the world. Visit our website below to find out more about our online courses, to take a FREE trial lesson or to contact us (ask as many questions as you like)!

Jose, EC Virtual Student

Student José reviews our online English programme

EC Virtual, our online English classes, are designed to help you improve your level, interact, and collaborate with international students, and receive assessment, guidance and feedback from your English teacher. Improving your English will give you more opportunities in life. Here’s a review from Jose, from Spain, who wisely decided to learn English online when he was unable to learn in school. I chose EC Virtual because I wanted to take advantage of the lack of face-to-face English classes in my country due to the coronavirus pandemic. So, rather than be in a rut doing nothing, I thought it would be an excellent moment to hone my English skills alongside students of all nationalities. I really learned a lot, particularly I developed my fluency in the language by speaking in public and losing the fear to make mistakes, as well I learned new vocabulary and expressions. The thing I liked most about the lessons was that I found the topics really interesting, pretty up-to-date. In other classes, you have to study arduous and dull topics, but it was not the case with this National Geographic book. Definitely I enjoyed studying this book, not only by its content but also because the teacher did it quite enjoyable. I would definitely recommend EC Virtual to everybody, it´s a good opportunity to learn a language and put it in practice with really professional native teachers. I only have good words to the two teachers I had on my four-week course. The other students were from Ukraine, Belarus, South Korea, Taiwan, China, and Saudi Arabia. From my stay, the stand out thing was the riveting vibe of the course. My advice for future EC students: don´t be afraid of putting your feet in while speaking in other languages and keep on practicising if you … Read more

Why study English in London with people from all over the world

Here’s why you should study English in London with people from all over the world. London is a city that needs no introduction: London is the perfect combination of history, culture and entertainment. Not surprisingly, it is the number one destination for those who study the English language and it may be the right place for you too. Studying English in London means being exposed to different cultures, broadening your vision of the world and making lasting friendships while practicing and improving your skills together with people like you. You will never stop learning in London. Your English will improve every time you meet new people and make new friends. In fact, learning a new language is not only about the grammar, the exercises and the words you read in the books or that you listen to in the classroom, but also about the possibility of immersing yourself in a culture and the opportunity to try your new language skills in a real context. With students from over 200 countries studying in London, you will have the opportunity to create a global network of friends and contacts with whom to communicate in English, which will last a lifetime! Live and Study English in One of the Most Exciting Cities in the World With EC London, you will be able to maximize your skills and improve your English effectively. London is a very welcoming city and you will soon be able to practice English even outside your classroom. This engaging city is a center of culture, history, music, fashion and entertainment. There is plenty to do in your free time, thanks to a wide variety of tourist attractions, bars, restaurants, discos, theaters, cinemas, shops, museums and galleries. Relax walking through the Royal Parks or take a boat ride along the Thames … Read more

Learning English in Malta means immersing yourself in a unique culture

Choose your course and pack your suitcase, EC is waiting for you. Make a conscious and targeted choice for your future. Is the idea of ​​going on a study trip and dreams of being able to study in an exotic and original place, perhaps on an island, getting more and more in your head? So why not choose Malta? An island with a unique and special character, a real pearl of the Mediterranean Sea. Don’t wait too long to combine business with pleasure in a breathtaking setting! The town of San Giuliano (St Julian) will certainly not leave you indifferent. Originally an ancient fishing village, today a popular and popular destination, San Giuliano is located in a central position, close to the delightful Paceville. A few steps the beaches of San Giorgio, the Spinola Bay and the rocky Sliema. A very special place to study and have fun at the same time. Choosing to study English in Malta not only represents a unique opportunity to learn and / or improve the most studied language in the world, but also to discover one of the most interesting islands in the Mediterranean. Each course is designed to meet the needs of students as well as their duration and organization. The classes are divided according to the level and linguistic competence of each student. The groups are made up of students from all parts of the world and this will be an exceptional opportunity to build and maintain a network of contacts over time and, why not, friendships! Take part in the many activities organized by EC Live an unforgettable experience: Learn English in Malta Do you prefer a school that is accredited and that can issue you with a recognized certification for the academic and professional world? Would you like to have … Read more

EC Malta English School

Our Malta English school has reopened

A warm, welcome back to all our EC Malta students! We’ve missed you! Classes resumed on 6th July 2020 and we were so excited to be back and to have students learning at our Malta English school again. Below are some photos from our reopening week. EC Malta is the orginal, largest and most popular EC school. Sudy at EC Malta and discover why thousands of students choose our school year after year. With 300 days of Mediterranean sunshine a year, Malta makes a great study-abroad destination. Our tiny island has plenty to do, from its fascinating historical sights to diving, beaches and nightlife. Located close to the beach, our modern and stylish school has a family-like atmosphere and allows students the perfect opportunity to explore the beauty of Malta. New English courses start every Monday, with just a one-week minimun stay, for learners of all levels. Come and improve your English, have new expereinces and meet other English learners from all over the world. It’s a slightly different EC Malta from before, but our new measures ensure the safety of students and staff as we return to learning with our new normal. See EC Malta’s full list of safety precautions You’re planning to learn English in Malta and want some information? Contact us now:    

EC Virtual, online English course, student reviews

You asked for it, we gave it to you! Due of the global lockdown, students like you were unable to travel abroad to learn English with EC, so a few months ago we launched, EC Virtual, our online English course. This gave you the opportunity to improve your English from home while still enjoying the unique EC experience. We have always celebrated innovation, so we’re proud to bring the classroom to you with our online English classes. The focus of these lessons is to help students reach their language goals using experienced EC teachers who are all qualified English speakers as well as through a combination of: i) virtual learning ii) online collaboration with other students and iii) self-study Our online English classes follow the same EC curriculum and use the same National Geographic Learning books as in regular classes. This curriculum is supplemented by our online learning platform EC Online. Now that we have been running EC Virtual for a few months, we’d love to share some of the feedback we’ve received from our students around the world. What EC Virtual students are saying – Student reviews “All the classes, dynamics between students and teacher’s explanation went transformed to adapt in this online world. Apart from that, and an important topic for me, in each class, teachers create Pre and Post Tasks, to start and finish the daily class. For me, is an incredible experience, because besides being able to interact with my classmates before and after classes, is an opportunity to start and finish my studies, making all learning to be optimized and interactive.” Gisele, Spain “I must say that EC Virtual Experience has absolutely lived up to my expectations. EC Virtual classroom is efficient, collaborative, and convenient. Besides the online class, we have pre and post-lesson tasks … Read more

EC Malta English schools are open, book now

You can now learn English in Malta again, EC Malta English schools have reopened. See what we are doing to keep the EC community safe while delivering the best possible English-learning experience. Take a look at this Microsoft Sway presentation on what to expect at EC Malta. Want to know more? Contact us here for more information on learning English in Malta:

Reopening our EC English schools in Australia and New Zealand

We are thrilled to announce that all our English schools in Australia and New Zealand are in the process of reopening. The safety and wellbeing of our students and staff remains our highest priority and reopening our Australia and New Zealand centres is an important first step in reopening all our schools in a measured process. These are the safety guidelines we have put in place. Guiding principles • Only the EC part of campus is open on shared campuses. • Temperature checks are done on entry of every person entering the campus – Australia only. • Use of the government COVID Safe App is encouraged – Australia only. • Staff and students are told not to come to campus if suffering symptoms. • Signs posted prominently throughout the school to remind all of the importance of distancing and hygiene. • Encouragement of social distancing measures: 1 metre for Auckland and 1.5 metres for Australian campuses. Common areas • Students can eat lunch in their classroom ‘bubble’ to minimise contact with other classes. • We strongly recommend students bring food for break time and not leave at break time. • Every second computer in the computer lab is available to encourage physical distancing. A maximum of 12 students are permitted in the computer room at any given time. • Bathroom doors are kept open to allow staff and students to enter and exit without touching the doors. Of course, privacy considerations dictate whether this is possible in all campuses. • Lifts are encouraged only for deliveries or those affected by disabilities and health issues – stairwells should be used by all others. Class management and timetables • Staggered start, break, and end times to minimise contact at ingress, egress and on-campus – Australian campuses only. • Class sizes kept to … Read more