EC Students visit Robben Island

EC’s English language center in Cape Town organized a trip to Robben Island last week. Robben Island is international known for that fact that former president of South Africa Nelson Mandela was imprisoned at the island for 18 years. On Thursday the 13th of November about 15 students and EC’s own intern Thomas went by boat to the Island. After quite a rough boat trip we arrived at the island where we took a bus which drove us around. We made several stops and the tour guide provided us with some interesting facts. For example about the cave where the prisoners had to work; secretly the well educated men taught the uneducated men how to write. After their stay at Robben Island they were even able to study. Because of all the hard physical labor in the sun the eyes and skin of the imprisoned ones got damaged very badly. Nelson Mandela had to go through a lot of surgeries afterwards. Because of his damaged eyes photographers were only allowed to take pictures of him without flash. We also visited the block where Nelson Mandela spend his time while being imprisoned. After the tour we were quite fortunate to have the opportunity to take the catamaran boat back to shore for a nice sunset cruise. Click here for the rest of the pictures. __________________________________ Remember to follow us on Facebook or Twitter RELATED BLOG POSTS EC students hiking up Lion’s Head Table Mountain with EC