A poem for an awesome teacher

Like some of you might know, teacher Sheetal is going to leave our English language center in South Africa this Friday. Mohamed Algantri, student at EC Cape Town, wanted to show his appreciation for this teacher and wrote her a poem.. The Sun Our day starts with the sunrise. The sun shines, gives peace and happiness to the world. It gives smile to the face and it gives love to the heart. We can’t wake up and feel relieved without the sun although it hides sometimes at night. However, it will shine and rise again. Actually the sun changed her name to Sheetal Makhan. She is the sun, humble, hard-working-optimistic, powerful and ambitious. She is our teacher, she teaches you how to love, help, respect and how to use them. She is an angel on the earth. I have been studying for ten months, I have not seen her angry, bored and depressed. Her mirror are students. When she helps, she feels amazed. When she supports, she feels terrific and when she sees your smile, she feels ecstatic. I go to school every day, every lesson and I find her busy with some students or things even when she is on lunch break.  As I knew her from the first day. Simply she is the key for any locks to any problems or advices, because she knows how to deal with everyone and everything. She has her own flag, do not give up, as she became our flag. Beautiful like the sun and attractive like the moon. Confident when she teaches, generous when she gives and hopeful when she smiling. She is like the fire strong and brave, water fresh and lively. We have learnt a lot from her and she has chosen her decision in life. I and EC would like to wish her all the best … Read more

Teacher of the year

Last week students had the opportunity to vote for the ‘teacher of the year’. The result was presented by Nicoletta at a staff dinner party yesterday. EC’s teachers voted for the Valued Teacher, Hardie Bosman, who is the teacher who they feel helps students succeed in a global community and goes over and above the call of duty. Adele le Keur was voted by the students as the teacher who they feel embodies the spirit of what an EC teacher should be. Congratulations to both teachers! It was an extra special occasion since it was also EC Cape Town’s 8th birthday. The whole team celebrated this with a swanky dinner at the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront at sunset. As a token of appreciation, all teachers were given a “shopper”, which is made from recycled materials. A portion of the cost of these “shoppers” goes towards an NGO called “The Good Business Journey”. It’s an organisation that supports our local farmers and artisans, who are dedicated to protecting the environment, reducing energy consumption, supporting education and promoting Fairtrade. See below for an impression of this afternoon. __________________________________ Remember to follow us on Facebook or Twitter   RELATED BLOG POSTS Reminder: vote for your teacher of the year Vote for your teacher of the year

Reminder: vote for your favourite teacher

Please remember to vote for your favourite teacher at our English Language School in South Africa. Write the name of the teacher on a piece of paper and deposit it into the box outside the Academic Office on the 5th floor before the weekend.   __________________________________ Remember to follow us on Facebook or Twitter RELATED BLOG POSTS Celebrating EC Cape Town Teachers! World Teachers Day

Bar hopping in Long Street

Our English Language School in South Africa organized a bar hopping activity last weekend, it was a great success! Teacher Adele took the students to Long Street where many students had lots of fun until the early morning. Click here for the rest of the pictures. __________________________________ Remember to follow us on Facebook or Twitter RELATED BLOG POSTS Bar hopping April Bar hopping November