5 Fantastic Activities while studying English at EC Cape Town

South Africa is a majestic place with beautiful landscapes, amazing views, varieties of animals that to most are only seen on television or even in magazines. What an amazing place to experience the glories of a South African sunset and the only place to see the famous Mountain shaped like a Table. Here at EC Cape Town, South Africa’s school of English, we are proud of the exceptionally beautiful City we live in and we love showing it off to our extended family (our students). We love to show our students what we call home, and in that same breath we love it even more when students go back to their beautiful countries and show off the beauties of the Mother City, Cape Town. I have compiled a list of 5 Fantastic activities to do while studying at EC Cape Town, these are a list of total “must-do’s” all because it is super cool, and Proudly South African, take a look: 1. EC Cape Town Free Activity: City Walk                   -EC Cape Town offers quite a few exciting opportunities  for our students and the Free City Walk is one of them. Our City walk takes place every Tuesday after class hours, a teacher takes students that are interested in knowing all of Cape Town’s good coffee shops, restaurants and shops, also showing students our beautiful Mother City . This is an outdoor activity whereby students walk in and around Cape Town and with this unfortunately we need to ensure that the ever changing Cape Town weather is good enough, so therefore this means that if we are experiencing bad weather the City Walk will then be postponed to the next week and Tuesday. So why not join in on this exciting free … Read more

EC Cape Town Celebrates the Fifa World Cup!!

As the Fifa World cup opening ceremony has come and gone, we have seen a number of  nail biting matches, had victories and disappointments but still in the hopes that the over all champion to be their team. EC Cape Town students are celebrating and joining in to make the atmosphere exciting and fun, even though they are far from home, they still have first class seats to all of the latest happenings with regards to the matches and games happening in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Share your #ecexperience with us and let us know where you watched your favorite team play!! Also stay tuned to our Facebook page and stand  the chance to win amazing prizes all proud compliments of EC! __________________________________ Remember to follow us on Facebook or Twitter   RELATED BLOG POSTS World Cup 2010 Learn English at the World Cup

EC Cape Town celebrates the 2014 Fifa World Cup

EC Cape Town is rearing to go with the Fifa World Cup countdown. Hosted in Sao Paulo, Brazil, the 2014 football matches are set to light sparks all around the globe and with EC Cape Town being the best English Language school in South Africa, we want our students to celebrate and part take in this jovial event, right here, at  their home away from home. With students excited to see their country part take in this global event, it is a reassurance to see the glow on their faces when the topic of the world cup arises. EC Cape Town DOS, Nicoletta grabbed this opportunity with both hands, and decided to have our Student lounge decorated for the occasion, and to also have our staff members come dressed in their world cup gear, all to take place on Thursday, 12 June 2014, when the Opening ceremony is to happen. Stay tuned to our Facebook page and blog, and don’t forget to upload your #ecexperience.   __________________________________ Remember to follow us on Facebook or Twitter   RELATED BLOG POSTS World Cup 2010 Learn English at the World Cup

English Language Students of EC Cape Town

EC Cape Town staff goes through great lengths to ensure that the students are happy, despite the time of day we want to know how our students are feeling and what their requests are. I pulled aside a few students to get their point of views of what they experience at EC and what their thoughts are of the the staff and their fellow students, this is what they had to say: -Huseyin Arslanyurekli from Turkey “I like EC school and I enjoy my classes. I care about my friends” -Konstatin Telnov from Russia “EC is a very good school!” -Corine Kung from Switzerland “EC is a good organized school. There are a lot of helpful people/ teachers. So its nice to stay here.” -Hesham Baraka from Libya “I feel very happy because I have good teacher.” We strive for success and we strive to see each of our students excel in what they do. We consider each student a new member of our ever growing family and we appreciate their efforts to get good grades. We offer an exclusive range of activities and Free classes to ensure that the students stay with us will be informative and memorable.   Do you know of a friend or family member that would like to learn English and experience the beauty of South Africa’s Cape Town all at once? Please feel free to tell them how awesome your experience has been and also  the wonders of EC Cape Town and the beauty of the Mother City- Cape Town. __________________________________ Remember to follow us on Facebook or Twitter   RELATED BLOG POSTS Students received FREE supplementary study material! EC English Language Students volunteer at Rainbow Dreamers Project in Cape Town

EC Cape Town’s International Food Festival

No matter who you are or where you are from, or even what cultural background you have, food will always be one of the most important things that binds us all together, simply because everybody loves it and nobody can go without it! This past Friday 23 May 2014, EC Cape Town hosted a party that did just that, brought students from all over the world to one central place to celebrate what we all love most… FOOD. The event was organized by intern Ophelie Almagro and Academic English teacher Hardie Bosman, students came in large groups with dishes that they thought best described their countries and their cultures. It was quite a beautiful sight to see all the different dishes with interesting names, delicious aromas and exquisite tastes. A few countries to mention, Angola had a wide variety of dishes, amongst these were a delicious variety of stews which included Cow meat stew served with a portion of Pap and beans. France had a delicious Crepe with some Nutella chocolate spread, Japan had rice balls with tuna, Libya had delicious Couscous and  cakes and Switzerland had a variety of mouth watering Swiss cheese and chocolates. All of the students outdone themselves, not only were their presentations spectacular, but the tastes and aromas turned EC’s Reception area into the kitchen of a 10 star hotel. All in all the atmosphere was filled with joy and laughter and ultimately this is exactly what we intended for as our students work and study hard throughout the week to improve their Academic English skills. Here at EC Cape Town we strive to let our students create as many good memories to take home with them as possible.     We have lots of fun activities for our students and we try to accommodate each students requests, whether it is … Read more

International Food Party for English students at EC Cape Town

There is a well known saying that goes: “there is a time and a place for everything” and indeed the time has come for EC English language students to take off their thinking caps and have some fun – what better place to do this than at the EC language school! Friday, 23 May 2014, EC Cape Town will be hosting an International Food Party, with dishes from all over the world made by none other than the students themselves. Students will get the opportunity to taste the different flavors of foods from where their friends come from. A very exciting event to not only experience the cultures, but also an excellent opportunity to socialize and get to know more about what other countries are like. With flags at each table representing which country the specific dish is from, this will be like a trip around the world from the comfort of our EC English Language School in the city center of Cape Town. Party organizers Ophelie and English teacher Hardie would like to extend a big thank you to all students that have signed up thus far,  also to our Academic Year Coordinator Sheetal, for always giving us excellent advice and last but not least, to our Director of Studies Nicoletta for providing us with some party decorations. We will be having a wide variety of beautiful dishes with the best aromas. Dishes from the following countries will be prepared for Friday’s party: Libya Yemen Saudi Arabia Brazil Angola Europe Japan South Africa We look forward to seeing all of you there!!! As a student enrolled on one of EC’s academic English programs, you get the opportunity to join your fellow students to attend many exciting events, activities as well as safari tours all around Cape Town and South Africa. __________________________________ Remember to follow us on Facebook or Twitter RELATED BLOG … Read more

Learning English at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town!

by Sheetal Makhan / Academic Year Coordinator Even if someone visits Cape Town for just a day, the chances of them visiting the V & A Waterfront is very high. Said to be South Africa’s most visited destination, it is situated at the heart of Cape Town’s working harbour. As South Africa celebrated Worker’s Day last Thursday (May 1), I decided to take a trip back in time in the form of a historical guided tour of the Waterfront. Some of our EC English students who opted not to sleep in (because of the public holiday) joined me at the Waterfront for an interesting and informative tour. We started off at Chavonnes Battery Museum which lies adjacent to the famous Clock Tower. With a guide dressed in period costume, we heard stories about events that led to the birth of Cape Town and the V & A Waterfront. Because we were a small group of less than 10 people, the tour (which lasted approximately 2 hours) gave us the opportunity to ask questions and students were able to practice their listening skills. Even thought it was a public holiday, the students still felt like they had an English class with an added bonus of gorgeous surroundings as our backdrop! I jotted down some of the English terms that caught my ear and felt that they would be beneficial to students to know and keep locked into their memory! “The old and the new live side by side” We use this expression when two things are closely related / associated. Even though there are remnants of the “old” Waterfront, it is still fully functional with modern day advancements. “Ships have to work around the clock” If something or someone works “around the clock”, it means that they work non-stop. There is no break! … Read more

Hollywood Party

A great time was had by all EC students in Cape Town at our latest extravaganza!!!! Hollywoood. Many staff came dressed up as famous stars of the screen and the party continued until the early hours!!