by Sheetal Makhan / AYC As a self-confessed bookworm myself, I almost felt my heart burst recently when a student told me, “Teacher, I don’t see the benefit of reading.” Gasp! Shock! Horror! I immediately knew that damage control was in order. Also, judging from recent tests that our students have written, lack of reading was quite evident. I started doing some research around this topic and came to the conclusion that students may actually NOT know how to read. In other words, they don’t have sufficient skills to read through an entire text or book comfortably and confidently. I decided to start a free class (that would replace our “Listen Up”) which would focus solely on reading. What would I call it? O Thanks to my regular and loyal students, they came up with the name “Read EZ” – playing on the name of my conversation class which falls on a Monday, “Speak EZ” 🙂 Our first class was held last Tuesday. I have a list of reading techniques and skills to help students with reading, but would I dive straight into it? I thought of taking a different route, and this is a general outline of the class – which exceeded my expectations! Do you read in your own language? Vivian from Colombia said she does – it’s like an escape for her. Do your parents read? Raid from Saudi Arabia said his father used to have him read every night before going to bed. Marta from Angola said that her brother is her hero, because he encourages her to read. What are you reading at the moment? Wow…I was so impressed with this one because suddenly, some students started taking not one, but two books out of their bags! Sancha from Angola had The Ironing Man, which I … Read more