EC students participating in the Rainbow Dreamers Project

Students  studying at the English Language School in South Africa visit the Kalkfontein volutneer project every week. This project is organized by EC teachers which also give students the opportunity to participate in EC’s English Courses in Cape Town. Our intern Cossi Nonnonhou joined the project last week and wrote a short article about it. ”Thursday the 16th of November was the first time that my friends and I visited the Kalkfontein Township. It was a very interesting experience, because the children are poor, we all know that, but they are really rich in their minds and in their hearts. They don’t really care about who you are or what you have (if you are rich or if your wear good clothes ) they just want to have fun with you,  spend a good afternoon with you and this, this is just amazing.  They didn’t mind about asking you if they can be in your arms for a hug or if you can just put them high in the air and it was a pleasure for us to do what they want because they are all really cute and kind with the people who aren’t from the Kalkfontein community. I would highly recommend the join the Rainbow Dreamers Volunteer project. Only if it’s only for one time, it’s definitely worth it! Thank you for giving me this opportunity!” The complete photo album can be viewed by clicking here. __________________________________ Remember to follow us on Facebook or Twitter RELATED BLOG POSTS English College students volunteering EC students volunteering in the Kalkfontein township

Volunteering at the Rainbow Dreamers Project

Besides offering English Courses in Cape Town, some of the teacher of our English Language School in South Africa also give you the opportunity to volunteer at the Rainbow Dreamers Project every week. Last week it was difficult to tell who was having more fun.. the Dreamers or the singing, dancing and moving Volunteers. The little Dreamers again decided to spend the day outdoors, working on the letter ‘Q’ (for Queen). Thank you Volunteers, you guys rocked! Click here for the complete album.   __________________________________ Remember to follow us on Facebook or Twitter   RELATED BLOG POSTS Rainbow Dreamers Project EC English Language Students volunteer at Rainbow Dreamers Project

Rainbow Dreamers – volunteer project

Every Thursday some of  EC’s students visit the Kalkfontein township. They interact with the children in order to create cultural awareness and inspirational exchange. The project group uses different topics every week so there will be a lot of variety. Sometimes the topic is for example sports, but it can also be literacy. The Kalkfontein Volunteer Project is always looking for new participants so if you are interested you are welcome to join. Please talk to teacher Aaliya for more information about the project. __________________________________ Remember to follow us on Facebook or Twitter   RELATED BLOG POSTS EC students volunteering at Kalkfontein Kalkfontein “Rainbow Dreamers” Volunteer Project

EC English Language Students volunteer at Rainbow Dreamers Project in Cape Town

The Rainbow Dreamers Volunteer Project is a non-profit organization affiliated with EC that is dedicated to supporting children from previously disadvantaged backgrounds in South Africa. Rainbow Dreamers is based in  KALKFONTEIN (“Chalk Fountain”), a Post-Apartheid Township initially designed by the previous South African government for the area’s local Working-Class people. Located at the foot of the Hottentots’ Holland Mountains and on the outskirts of Stellenbosch, Kalkfontein is a 40-minute-drive outside the Cape Town City Bowl. Today Kalkfontein is home to a union of mixed-raced (‘Coloureds’) and Bantu (‘Black’) Capetonians and also to African foreign nationals, generating a unique and diverse blend of cultures, languages and beliefs. EC English Language  teacher Aaliya set up the Kalkfontein Volunteer Project in 2013, which was born out of the students’ sincere interest to meet and interact with local Capetonians. Rainbow Dreamers Volunteer Project’s vision is to build bridges of friendship and contact between local Capetonians and international visitors and by doing so stimulate cultural awareness and social exchange and  inspire our local young minds to reach for their dreams just as our foreign friends are doing through their academic English programs in Cape Town. Ophelie Almagro, one of our International volunteers reflected: ” It was a wonderful experience and I look forward to joining the Rainbow Dreamers Project again. These children love to learn and they are full of joy. They are very sweet and open-minded young kids with big dreams and big hearts! I loved it!” Every Thursday Aaliya meets up with EC students interested in joining and volunteering and to get the opportunity to experience what a day in the kids of the Rainbow Dreamers Project lives is like. Even if it is just for a few hours, singing a song, telling a story or even just listening to what they have to say, it will not only expand … Read more