EC Cape Town Student Donates Book to Library

When students leave EC Cape Town, they don’t leave for good they always find themselves a month or two later back at EC visiting all the staff its like they are glued to our team! We in all honesty cannot blame them, we welcome each student, past and present with open arms into our family, we simply love seeing them smile and feeling at home. Below mentioned is one of our students that recently graduated from EC, he decided to make a last “pop-in”before leaving EC Cape Town and South Africa for his home land. Ahmed Bafgeesh, one of our students from Yemen that completed the Academic Year 30 Program, loved spending every spare minute he could in the Library. Reading is an important step for each of our students as this helps them to understand and build sentences. A day before leaving South Africa, ending 7 months with the EC family, he decided to come back to his home away from home and leave his mark, he did so by donating a book to one of his favorite places in the school, the library! Teacher Hardie Bosman, one of the teachers that assists students when renting out a book, gladly accepted and added his donation to our collection of books! Thank you Ahmed for your generous donation, we will surely miss you at EC Cape Town and we wish you all of the best of luck for your future endeavors! __________________________________ Remember to follow us on Facebook or Twitter RELATED BLOG POSTS English Language Students of EC Cape Town Share your #ECEXPERIENCE with our global community of EC English students

Intermediate 4 Class visits an Islam Expo in Bo-Kaap

The inquisitive students from the Intermediate 4 class visited the Islam Expo in Bo-Kaap. They had to practice their question forms and report writing skills. Well done!   Americo from Angola and Mohammed from Libya. The “uncle” at the expo answering questions. Haithm from Yemen, Jessica and Manual from Angola.   Izdehar from Libya and Alexandra from Colombia being informed by Mohammed from Libya. Haithm informing America. The Intermediate 4 Class. Alexandra and Izdehar in front of a mural depicting the origins of Islam in Cape Town. Hardie and the Intermediate 4 Class. Americo is holding up our “goodie bag”.                                

Global Citizens do a “green” test on EC Cape Town

Students from the Global Citizenship Class and the Intermediate 4 Class of EC Cape Town had to do a “green” test on EC Cape Town. They surveyed our eco-friendliness and our care for the environment. They had to look at our recycling, reducing and re-using capabilities. They also had to ask some “green” questions to our staff and afterwards they had to give EC Cape Town a “green” score. They suggested a score of 70%! Suggestions for improving our environmental awareness were set as homework.   Intermediate 4 students and Hardie with the verdict.   Students in front of the main recycling area on the 5th floor. Theresa is responsible for the actual recycling. Dr. Baleel and Americo asked her about separating the garbage. Andiswa is also responsible for separating the actual garbage. Jessica and Kareem asked her about the handling of “food waste”.   America and HoYong asked some “green” questions to Nicoletta, our DOS. According to the survey Nicoletta is the “greenest” person at EC. She drives a small, eco-friendly car and she teaches her child to recycle!     Americo, Livia, Faruk and Dr. Baleel found something “green” in the library: An organic basked where students could place books which they had already read.   Tareq, Haithm, Alexandra and Iztehar asked Claudia some questions. Claudia is responsible for the environmental awareness at EC Cape Town. Well done Claudia!     Kareem and Jessica found a “green” notice at the photocopier.     Hoyong, Americo, Kareem and Jessica found something “green” in the library: An organic basked where students could place books which they had already read.   Jessica and Kareem asked Teacher Una if she switches off the lights when she leaves the classroom! Of course she does!                             … Read more

Pitches for a New Fruit Juice

  The very creative students from the Intermediate 4 Class had to imagine themselves as advertising agents. They had to “pitch” (or present) their ideas to a Marketing Manager in order to persuade a company to use their services. The aim was to give a new fruit juice a memorable name, a catchy slogan and present effective ways to advertise the new juice for children Their creative “juices” flew and they “came up” with very marketable ideas. Next time you’re in P & P, “look out” for tropical fruit juices with names like, “JuJu”, “Spring” and “Childish!” Well done, Tareq, HoYong, Cahla, Meral, M. Ba Ali, Joao, Alexandra. Nada and Issa Husni!

Step Up for students at St Paul’s in Bo – Kaap

Some weeks ago EC Cape Town students took part in a raffle to raise funds for disadvantage learners. They bought tickets worth R15 from Centre Director Chris. A ticket entitled them to put forward a name of a teacher who they thought needed a relaxing massage. Lady Luck smiled upon Chimonay who was treated at the hand of a professional masseuse. The remaining money was used to buy shoes for disadvantaged learners at St. Paul’s Primary School in Bo-Kaap. On Tuesday, March 12 some EC Teachers and Students went to the school to hand over shoes and stationary to needy learners. Director of Studies Nicoletta, Teachers Chimonay, Tonia and Hardie were accompanied by Students Meral, Mohammed Abdulkarim, Anas and Haitham. The Special Needs Teacher, Ms. Mooi, rounded up seven students who received brand new shoes and stationary. They looked pleasantly surprised and said thank you with gratitude. The students who received new shoes and stationary were; Khanyisa, Thokozani, Seth, Inathi, Simamkele, Thandolwethu and Mihlali Booi. We sincerely want to thank the EC Cape Town students for opening their hearts and giving back to their local community. These gifts will make a contributing difference to the well being of the students and indirectly improve their academic progress. Hardie – teacher More pics to follow  

Advertise This!

The lovely students from Hardie’s Intermediate 4 class sparkled today as Advertising Agencies! They had to transform a soft, sparkling, juicy drink into one of the most popular drinks for kids. They were asked to come up with a catchy name, a slogan and an advertising strategy. They had to design their campaign and promotional plans. Their product design had to demonstrate creativity, originality and market appeal. They practised their independant research skills and creativity and they were able to convey their pitches in perfect English! (using conditionals!) Well done , ladies and gentlemen…..If you offer me something, I’d certainly buy it!

Film Festival

        EC students turned out in significant numbers to watch a South African movie, “District 9”. They took notes during the movie and afterwards they wrote very educated opinions about the movie. Few, actually liked the movie (’cause it so gory) but all the students loved the activity! Their movie reviews smacked of personal and societal opinions and just good writing. Congratulations on writing the reviews (and receiving more popcorn). Special mention to Franz for handing in his review first. The next movie review will be on the 14 of January 2013. Students will get the opportunity to watch and rate “Bend It Like Beckham”. It’s about gender equality. C ya then!