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Who helped You learn the most this month

Last month all EC schools started a project where we asked students to vote for the person that helped them learn the most that month. We are happy to announce that Brian Kelly won the first vote at EC language school in Cape Town. Well done Brian, you deserve it! 🙂     The project is meant to acknowledge (and reward the staff) who students feel have made the biggest contribution to their learning experience. It will hopefully also encourage students to reflect on their learning and consider those that have contributed to it.     The criteria is simple, think about who assisted you the most in your learning. It does not have to be your class teacher. You could also vote for a classmate or friend who helps you with your homework. It could be the administrative team as well as teachers in the free classes or library. As we recognise that learning can take place in all areas of the school – including on activities.     The procedure is simple: Get a voting slip from reception Fill out the person’s name and your students number (one vote per person) Drop your voting slip in the box Every Friday, the person will be announced and given a sweet treat. So, get voting and show the person who has helped you how much you appreciate them. Watch this space for this month’s winner! Are you interested in learning English in Cape Town? Contact us today and change your life!  

The vision

67 minutes for Madiba

Nelson Mandela was born in 1918, nearly 100 years ago!  After dedicating his life to fighting the injustice and cruelty of the Apartheid government, he became the first black President of a democratic South Africa at the age of 76! Although he stepped down after one term (4 years), he continued his political work until the age of 90; and finally went into retirement. In his lifetime he showed  us what it means to have courage, determination and love for all people.  On his birthday, 18th July 1993, a year after leaving prison and a year before becoming President he made this promise: “I pledge that I will use all my strength to help bring about peace, democracy and justice for all in our country”. This is what he did. Every year on his birthday, the people of South Africa stopped and stood together to celebrate our tata  (father) Madiba. Celebrities and politicians all sent him their wishes but Mandela preferred being with his children, grandchildren, children from his village, the local school or children’s hospital – this is when he smiled brightly and looked like any loving grandfather, not the famous politician the world knew and respected.   In 2009, while celebrating his birthday in London’s Hyde Park, he passed this pledge to all of us when he famously stated “It is in your hands now” and so the idea of Mandela Day was born. In 2009, the UN officially declared the 18th July International Mandela Day. By creating the “67 minutes for Mandela” campaign, the foundation found a way to honour his 67 years of public service to the people of South Africa and the world in general. The campaign has become a global call to take action and give service to the community as Nelson Mandela did … Read more

Abdul, Kaashiefa and Kevin leave the EC family

This Friday is a sad day at EC Cape Town as Abdul, Kaashiefa and Kevin are leaving us. Abdul worked at English School EC Cape Town for 4 years, whereas Kaashiefa and Kevin worked for the last 2 months. “ It is with great sadness that I have to say farewell to all the wonderful staff and teachers of EC Cape Town and also not forgetting the amazing students from all across the globe. I would like to say that it was an absolute pleasure for me to be part of the EC Family and to serve all of you for the past 4 years. I will never forget you and you all have a special place in my heart. Farewell my friends!” Abdul Jacobs “I would like to thank all the EC staff, teachers, students that made my experience unforgettable and helped me through my studies and my internship. It was really nice to meet you all, I won’t forget you! I’m going to travel around Africa for the next few weeks but you’re welcome to visit me in Switzerland!” Kevin Gasperi “I’ve enjoyed the time that I spent here at EC being part of the EC family. It’s been a great experience both personally and professionally. I will miss Kevin especially and wish him all the best in his future endeavors. I hope he will return to Cape Town soon! This is not a goodbye from me as I will keep in touch with my EC family!” Kaashiefa Majal In addition, some of our EC staff would like to show their gratitude about the hard work they have done and their assistance with the students. ”It is a sad day indeed. Today we bid farewell to the most important person at EC. Abdul has been with us for … Read more

EC Cape Town’s new intern

For the last few months Thomas was the intern who helped you out with booking activities at EC’s English Centre in Cape Town. This Wednesday it’s going to be Thomas his last working day at EC and our new intern Kevin will be in charge of activities from that moment and on. Kevin just finished his Intensive English Course at EC and received his English certificate during the graduation ceremony last Friday. Thomas: ”I would like to thank the team of EC Cape Town and all the students which helped to reach my goals during this internship. My stay at EC was wonderful and I enjoyed it a lot! I won’t leave Cape Town yet and I will still be here for the next 1,5 month. I hope to see you around some time!” __________________________________ Remember to follow us on Facebook or Twitter RELATED BLOG POSTS Christmas Dinner Departing EC students

Christmas dinner

Last Friday the staff and teachers of EC’s English Centre in Cape Town enjoyed the food at the annual Christmas dinner. The dinner was organized at the restaurant ‘Ocean Basket’, located in the V&A Waterfront shopping centre. Also our receptionist Danushca which is on maternity leave joined the dinner and proudly showed her recently born daughter Jessy. Everybody had a good time and enjoyed some nice fish. Please check out the pictures below. __________________________________ Remember to follow us on Facebook or Twitter RELATED BLOG POSTS Visiting Company’s Garden A visit to the Slave Lodge

Graduation Party at EC Cape Town

Last Friday we had another graduation ceremony at our English Language center in Cape Town. It was quite a special one because we didn’t only say goodbye to our graduation students, but also to our well beloved teacher Nasreen. It was really nice having all of you at EC! Special thanks to Nasreen, who focused on many things like for example teaching IELTS for the last few years. We hope to see you around sometime! Click here for the full album. __________________________________ Remember to follow us on Facebook or Twitter RELATED BLOG POSTS Graduation EC Students New Director of Studies

EC Cape Town’s new Director of Studies

Since this week our English language center in South Africa has a new Director of Studies. Her name is Monica  and she would like to introduce herself to all of you: “Hi all students at EC Cape Town. My name is Monica, I am the newly appointed Director of Studies, taking over from Nicoletta. I am very excited to be part of this great team of staff and students. There are many new changes and upgrades happening at the school, you will see how the school’s facilities and technology in the classrooms improve next year. I am happy to be of service to everyone, especially with academic/learning questions.” _____________________________ Remember to follow us on Facebook or Twitter   RELATED BLOG POSTS Goodbye Nicoletta Graduation English Language Students

Goodbye Nicoletta

Not only students come and go. Last Friday we also had to say goodbye to Nicoletta, our former Director of Studies at the EC English language center in Cape Town. She decided that it would be best to move on and look for new opportunities in life. We are all going to miss her and wish her all the very best! Nicoletta worked as a Director of Studies for the last few years. From tomorrow and on, EC will have a new Director of Studies. She will be introduced in the next blog post. _____________________________ Remember to follow us on Facebook or Twitter   RELATED BLOG POSTS Graduation English Language Students Graduation ceremony EC Students

Teacher of the year

Last week students had the opportunity to vote for the ‘teacher of the year’. The result was presented by Nicoletta at a staff dinner party yesterday. EC’s teachers voted for the Valued Teacher, Hardie Bosman, who is the teacher who they feel helps students succeed in a global community and goes over and above the call of duty. Adele le Keur was voted by the students as the teacher who they feel embodies the spirit of what an EC teacher should be. Congratulations to both teachers! It was an extra special occasion since it was also EC Cape Town’s 8th birthday. The whole team celebrated this with a swanky dinner at the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront at sunset. As a token of appreciation, all teachers were given a “shopper”, which is made from recycled materials. A portion of the cost of these “shoppers” goes towards an NGO called “The Good Business Journey”. It’s an organisation that supports our local farmers and artisans, who are dedicated to protecting the environment, reducing energy consumption, supporting education and promoting Fairtrade. See below for an impression of this afternoon. __________________________________ Remember to follow us on Facebook or Twitter   RELATED BLOG POSTS Reminder: vote for your teacher of the year Vote for your teacher of the year

Spring Day at EC Cape Town 01 September 2014

With the month of Spring just around the corner, we at EC Cape Town are extremely excited to dust off our sandals and Spring outfits! Seeing all the pretty flowers start to bloom, with Lilies being one of my absolute favorites, I have to admit Sunny days over the cold and wet weather anytime! Another important aspect one needs to consider when stepping into the month of spring is the change of fruits which are being grown and produced, meaning one’s diet automatically has a slight shift – but a good one, all summer fruits are equally as delicious as the winter fruits. With that  being said it’s always a good idea to try and stay as healthy and fit as possible, thus our initiative to celebrate the start of Spring with an EC Cape Town Health Week! Our health week will start as of the 01 September, with loads of fun pictures that will be uploaded on our Facebook Page as well as right here, our EC Blog. Stay tuned for some health tips from teachers and EC Cape Town staff members, also for some funny and whack pictures that will surely make your Spring week fun!     __________________________________ Remember to follow us on Facebook or Twitter RELATED BLOG POSTS Happy Health Day at EC Cape Town Pitches for a New Fruit Juice