The classiest teacher…. at EC Cape Town

This year we have had to say goodbye to a few staff members who were not only an important part of EC Cape Town but also friends and mentors. One of the most loved admired teachers must be Una.

Una will be missed by us all. She was a teacher in a million!


Una started her career in education at Roggebaai Teacher’s College and when it closed she joined Boston College. In 2006, EC took over the building and Una joined the team at EC Cape Town. When I spoke to Una on her last day about all her experiences and changes she has seen over the years, she could only speak of all the good times and the joy she has in her heart for EC. She told me about the friendliness of the staff and the supportive atmosphere which made her teaching days so worthwhile.

Una and some of her colleagues at EC Cape Town


Anybody who knows Una, will tell you she lived for her students and although she was strict at times, they all understood she wanted them to succeed and for this they loved her. Una told me how much her students had taught her, not just about their country and culture but also how to be a better teacher. One of her highlights, she says, was going out on excursions with her students and showing them the city or getting something to eat.Another was getting them to talk – this was a challenge as Una was the Beginner level teacher for many years and became our expert. She mentions that getting them to ask questions and seeing them grow in confidence made her the happiest teacher.

Una and the three brothers she taught. How did she do it??

Her message to students is this:

Follow your dreams and never give up. Challenge yourself so that you can build character. Be humble and accept when there is nothing you can do about the situation, but do what you can”

Una saying farewell to her students

To teachers she had this to say:

Always see what is in your heart. You have to love teaching even if it is difficult or it will become a burden. Life is not always easy but there are various levels and challenges. This is good because there is growth in challenge.”


Una and her students on an excursion

Una’s final words about EC :

I loved being here. EC is definitely a cut above the rest, there’s no two ways about it. We have the classiest students and the classiest teachers! I could always turn to the staff for advice or support so I want to thank all the staff for everything they taught me and for the friendliness”


Una on her final day at EC

I believe it is us who should be saying thank you to this gracious lady, mentor and inspiring teacher who was of the first staff at EC school. Someone who taught with humour and love and never complained, even when she was tired. You have taught us a lot about professionalism and life in general Una. Thank you and we hope you will take the time to rest and enjoy a well-desreved retirement

Final farewell to a legend

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