Now you can see why this hike is sio popular with EC Cape Town students

Why YOU should do Lion’s Head Hike

We asked our lovely intern, Betty Coquillard, to be brave, scale Lion’s Head and tell us why we should do this hike. Lion’s Head is one of the must-do activities at EC, the English Language Centre in South Africa.  Well, first of all, what is Lion’s Head ? Even if you’ve probably heard of it, Lion’s Head if one of the most famous peaks on Table Mountain surrounding Cape Town.Every week at EC Cape Town you’ll have the opportunity to do a free activity. I tried the Lion’s Head hike two days ago and it was quite a special adventure. You first have to take a cab (around R50) which drops you right where the hike begins. Starting with a 20 minutes walk on red soil, you’ll already see breathtaking landscapes :   But be prepared : bring comfortable shoes and water (think about a hat if it’s sunny)…the hike has begun! You’ll have to walk about 1h30min to reach the top at a normal speed. (You can also set yourself a challenge, it can be done way faster!). As you’ll be going higher and higher, you may get scared by looking down. Don’t, this hike is super safe, even if sometimes you have to take ladders or grab metal grips to help you climb, you’ll always be in small groups and everyone helps each other. You’ll be guided by Marc, one of EC Cape Town’s teachers and he’ll tell you a lot about Cape Town history but also about geography. You may also see some paragliders in action… if you’re lucky 🙂 If you reach the top, and you will, you’ll be able to admire the entire city from above. Enjoy and relax for a while. Scared you’ll slow down the group, or think you might not be good enough … Read more

How to manage your first week at EC Cape Town

If you are travelling alone, you are probably wondering about a few things before having class on Monday. Here is a brief guide of what you should be aware of before coming : How to ride from the airport to Cape Town In Cape Town and all around in South Africa, you will find a cab (meaning taxi) very easily : if you look like you need a ride, a taxi driver will directly come to you. Usually to get into Cape Town center, you’ll have to pay around R200-R300, but it is better to settle the price before going into the taxi, this way there will be no surprises when you have to pay. You can also take a bus with the MyCiti Airport Express Bus, which will cost you less. Consult this webpage :     How to get your MyCity Bus card The principle is pretty simple : you buy your own card (you’ll have to put your own 4 digit password, so keep it in mind) for R30 and also put money on it to use it. You can buy it in any MyCiti kiosk or participating retailers. You should put about R150 on your card to be sure for the first month.   Be aware: MyCiti bus is fairly new in Cape Town, and their confirmation ticket system is different to the other bus services. You’ll have to put your card on the “in” bluetooth machine when you enter, and don’t forget to put your card on the “out” bluetooth machine, which is a different one. If you forget, you will be charged a fee. How to find a great place to buy food There are a lot of places you can buy food in Cape Town – restaurants, street markets and small kiosks.   … Read more