A perfect sunset in Cape Town

I have a dream

When I was a child I had a dream which was to be an English speaker. I went to many English Schools in Saudi and I studied hard but that wasn’t enough. I had a fear to study abroad and to live without my family. My father told me that it was my choice if I wanted to study English abroad. I thought it was impossible to leave and go. On the 29th of December 2015 I arrived in Cape Town to study English and to reach my dream as well. At that time I had to adapt and make friends because I didn’t know anyone except my host family. I made a lot of friends from different countries but I didn’t go out with them because I was with my host family all the time. I spent all my time with them eating, going shopping and even for their family occasions.     My first and second months weren’t that good because I was shy and I didn’t feel comfortable so I used to stay alone in my room.   During the third and the fourth months I found myself speaking without being afraid to make mistakes. I started being confident, going out with friends, doing some activities at school and visiting new places in the city.   My host family were shocked at the change. They started thinking that I was becoming a bad boy by going out and coming home late because I didn’t spend much time like how I used to.   Two months later I went back home and six months after that I came back to Cape Town to complete my dream that I had since I was a child. I am proud of myself and what I did so far, the experience, the different cultures … Read more

I had a great time!

Gun-Ui (aka Jason) came to EC, the South African Language Centre  in Cape Town and when he left, he wrote about his experience as a student in and outside the class. he was a star member of the football team and also joined the Rainbow Volunteer Project. He is truly a great ambassador for EC Cape Town and we thought we had to share his experience with you! Thank you Jason and we wish you all the best for the future! 🙂 Hello everyone, especially Korean, my name is Song-Gun-Ui and Jason(English name for foreign friends). I am from South Korea and my hometown is Seoul. It was my first time to visit South Africa and I have been in Cape Town for six months (24 weeks). My level started from Pre-Intermediate and then Intermediate and the IELTS course. I had a great time with wonderful teachers and friends. If someone who has some interest about EC Cape Town, I hope that my writing will help your choice. Now, I would like to introduce South African’s life and I am going to break common stereotypes for Asian students who are afraid of Africa because of poor information. First of all, I could not find any lions and elephants in Cape Town. It sounds funny, however, some friends still believe it. In my point of view, it is the place which a lot of tourists visit for sightseeing and relaxing. Instead of animals, I could watch beautiful beaches, enormous Table Mountain and Lion’s Head. As a cosmopolitan city, various people from other countries are walking around the city and I could meet different friends.   For example, my class had ten nationalities. South Korea, Portugal, Turkey, Saudi, Finland, and Switzerland etc. We used to share our cultures in English and it … Read more

Come to EC Cape Town to study English!

If you are confused choosing a place to study English, you should go to Cape Town. I had two reasons that I chose Cape Town to study English.     The first reason was that there are almost no Japanese people in Cape Town. This improved my English fast. Actually, there are almost no East Asian people in Cape Town. So I would like to recommend going to Cape Town especially for East Asian people. It’s not necessary to speak your language in Cape Town. The environment will help your English to improve very much.   The second reason was that I wanted to experience various different cultures. Cape Town has a lot of races and people who are from various countries with many kinds of food. These things would make you surprised and interested in other cultures.   Possibly, you might worry about safety. Actually, Cape Town could be more dangerous than your country. But, it’s not necessary to worry too much. If you pay attention a little bit and obey the rule that is like “Don’t walk alone at night”, you can avoid all dangerous things. Actually, I had no problem in Cape Town for 6 months.   And EC Cape Town must be the best place to improve your English. The teachers give you a lot of opportunities to improve your English and make you understand your strong and weak points. Also, you can make a lot of friends at EC Cape Town. I often played football and had a BBQ with my friends. My life in Cape Town was really great. The weather was perfect. The nature was beautiful. The people are exciting. I hope you will come to Cape Town and get a wonderful experience.   Thank you for this wonderful testimonial Yusuke(aka Suzuki). He started … Read more