Matthew (on the far right) took EC Cape Town students on a train ride and then to the beach. Thanks Matt! :)

37 degrees in the Mother City!

When it’s 37 degrees in Cape Town, it’s time to go to the beach! It was the first time for all the students who joined the excursion with Matthew- a teacher at EC Cape Town. What a beautiful trip to a beautiful beach, Muizenberg. A wonderful view and an awesome beach! After the trip we finished the day at a nice restaurant, while we had an amazing view over the ocean. It was really a pity but the train back home was so full that Matthew had to bring us home with his car. At least we had a good trip there.   Nevertheless all the students really enjoyed the trip- a big thanks to Matthew. Denise is our newest intern at the language school in Cape Town. She will also be reporting on our activities over the next few weeks. Hope you have a wonderful time with us Denise 🙂

The reception area at the new EC Cape Town

Free classes @ EC Cape Town

EC language school has always made a point of offering our students a variety of free activities to extend their learning and provide more ways to practise their language abilities.  When you arrive at EC, you have already booked a course but you will also be offered a free social programme and language workshops/classes which you are able to attend.  The English school in Cape Town is no different. At our school you are able to hike up Table Mountain in a few different ways, play soccer and volunteer your time as part of the Rainbow Dreamers project. EC Cape Town also offers you a free class EVERY day – from extra grammar, reading and pronunciation classes to writing, listening and speaking sessions. We are committed to giving our students the best advantage to learn and immerse themselves in this new language. Normally, free classes are offered once a day but during the peak season (summer) we have a large volume of students and so free classes are offered twice a day as the school adopts a double banking system. Double banking basically means students have General classes at two separate times of the day, one group (or bank) starts their lessons in the morning and one group (or bank) starts in the afternoon. Elective classes remain the same for all students (12.30 – 14.00). So that means Intensive students in the morning group (bank) finish at 14.00 and those who are in the afternoon group (bank) will end their day at 17.30. Students who only have 20 hours a week will finish at 11.45 (morning group) or will start at 14.15 (afternoon group) To ensure ALL students have the benefit of free classes, EC Cape Town will be offering free classes thrice a day. Students who have Elective classes during … Read more

The beach is a must to visit for all EC Cape Town students

An amazing weekend !

Last weekend was amazing! It was the first time I ‘left’ Cape Town to visit places around and outside the city. Three friends and I rented a car for two days to start our amazing weekend. On Saturday we visited the Peninsula. We drove to Camps Bay and then Hout Bay. The beaches are beautiful with blue water and white sand. It was very nice. We stopped in Fish Hoek to visit the port where we saw seals, and ate fish and chips while a band was playing music. In the afternoon, we drove to Boulders beach to see the penguins. Finally we we went to the Cape Point – it was a dream for me to be at the tip of Africa. I could stay there all day, watching the skyline… the ocean is hypnotising.!   On Sunday, we got up early because we had a long drive to go to Hermanus but it was worth it when we saw a lot of whales and dolphins! Now, I am sure South Africa is the most beautiful country I have ever seen; and my last weekend was amazing.     Remi started at Pre-Intermediate and is currently an Upper Intermediate student our beautiful English school in Cape Town. We hope that he will continue to explore more of this beautiful country which has so much to offer! 🙂