My First Impressions of Cape Town

My first impression in Cape Town was really impressive and amazing. I did not expect such a beautiful place. Its beaches, mountains, landscapes and also its people make this city an especially unique place in the world.
It is quite different compared to the place I come from. Here you find people from all over the world. It is like a kind of melting pot where all religions and races of the world live together in harmony.
There are many things that you can do in Cape Town. At night, Long Street is a cool place to hang around with your friends. All kinds of pubs and restaurants can be found in this lovely area.
If you like nature, Cape Town offers you a variety of activities which are impossible to find in my hometown such as shark diving or going on a safari. You can also go hiking or sky diving.
Beautiful landscapes from the top of Table Mountain and Lions Head are one of the great attractions of this city so if you are going in search of something different, Cape Town is the place you are looking for!

– Jose Ignacio Puerta Cáceres
Canary Islands, Spain