Horror Story Competition Winners!

Congratulations to Abdulaziz Al- Zabidi and Philippe Marsigny for winning the Halloween Horror Story competition!

Nicoletta, Philippe, Abdulaziz, Milli & Bronlyn

Check out their stories below:

Halloween by Philippe Marsigny (winner in Intermediate- Advanced)

It was the eve of Halloween 2011. Outside it was raining and getting dark. The thunder and lightning had just cut the power and two students were alone in the EC building.
Two fast breaths in a room, two ladies who were tied to prevent moving “what’s the matter, I can’t move” shouted a student with panic in his voice. “I don’t know” whispered the second student. They were tied on a table with some ropes; their bodies had the shape of a cross.“We are in a classroom, I ting we had been drugged” suggested the older one.
Lightning, thunder: A door cracked, then silence. Two fearful breaths in the room.
Suddenly one candle appeared, and then another and another…they sat up around the table where the students were laid down. Behind each candle light, a shadow, there was a person with a café and a black suit. The two students, frightened, could recognize some of their own teachers…The rain was more powerful, the storm tried to come in the classroom: The wind hissed, again and again.
“Listen very carefully” said a husky voice; “we are the order of English Church (EC). We will ask you three questions: If the answers of two questions are correct, you will be released. If you fail, we will cut your tongue and bury your bodies in the basement of this building”.
Silence then thunder; the rain beats the windows; two panicky breaths in the room.
The voice carried on “A long time ago, this school was a church, an English church, the biggest church of South Africa. That’s why our street was named Church Street. Our Idol, our icon is not a God or a bad spirit but the spirit of the beauty, the perfect language, the English language.”
The air was more frozen, the students shaked with fear; silence; two scared breaths in the room.
“Why you are here!” continued the master of ceremony; thunder then silence, the students were too terrified to speak. “Our enemy, the Dutch, two centuries ago were captured and attached like you. If they couldn’t speak good English, their tongues would be cut to prepare a poison, to beat the devil by evil. These traditions have been kept each year, the same date, the same hour, the same place since two centuries…”
Lightning, thunder, the wind became stronger. Two anxious breaths in the room.
“What is this poison?” – Silence – “This poison enabled people to learn English more easily; that’s why we give it to each new student an orange bottle. Inside we pour some drops of the poison”
Thunder, the windows shaked, the flames danced.
“But we are some students of your school” said a student with an imploring voice. “That’s a good answer, well for this year we had no time to find some other students, sorry” replied the master. “Unfortunately, you just gave one good answer” concluded the master. “Brother, prepare the scissors” he shouted.
Thunder,silence. Two breaths disappeared in a room.

Halloween by Abdulaziz Al-Zabidi (winner in Beginner- Pre-Intermediate)

It was the eve of Halloween 2011. Outside it was raining and getting dark. The thunder and lightning had just cut the power and two students were alone in the EC building. Then I’m decided to go inside; when I touched the door knob it was very cold. I don’t know but I feel disgusted with some afraid. I listen to strange sounds coming from the first floor. So I have to go to the first floor. When I press on button for elevator I shout “Oh my god!” It’s disable, I must use the stairs now? But the stairs are broken, the roof is leaking. Oh I’m nervous and upset. I’ll have to be careful for my steps. When arrived at the first floor I find Nicoletta tided up with some blood on her face. She asked me to take her out. So I’m looking for something strong like wire stripper, pipe wrench or adjustable wrench when I search….Surprise I saw monster with blades, chains and ax. I should hurry up and running away but I can’t! Nicoletta here! What should I do now? When I raise my head there was a lot of things near from me: the first thing was bottle of Black label I throw it on the monster but I think the monster loves Black Label. I take the second thing: it was a thick book and throw this but now? Nothing happens for the monster, it was very strong. I use the fire extinguisher to make a lot of fog, pick up the pipe wrench and use it for broke the lock and take Nicoletta away. I need to run with Nicoletta bit I can’t because of the slippery floor. So we have to be careful for our steps. After that we go to the second floor because we need to find the two students because we can’t find them there. We should be quick; we are going to the third floor when we look on the right we say “oh” finally we find you guys: let’s go to outside quickly and quiet because the monster is on the first floor. When we are in the stairs I say to myself “finally I do something very important for Nicoletta and she’s very happy for me^^”. Surprise? The monster is behind us. “oh come on guys”, we should run but the monster sent strong light…
“Oh my god”, I open my eyes, this is the sun!! Oh crap! This is just a dream, I’m disappointed, all this is only a dream?  Nicoletta doesn’t happy for me, but maybe I’m happy because all thing is fine… EC school, our building, Nicoletta and the students.



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