Student Testimonial: Anastasia Perminova

This is my second time, that I studied in a different country.
My first time, I studied in Malta at a different school.
I have a lot of friends from EC school. One friend studied at many schools and when I asked which school is better, he answered EC.
When I had to choose a school, I remembered his answer. Ok, I wanted to study at EC school.
I chose South Africa. I’m very happy, because I chose this country, thank you very much God.
This country is fantastically beautiful. I went on a lot of trips, but this country I will never forget. Cape Town is a very different city. I think all people must stay here.
Thank you so much EC, because you have a school in Cape Town! I have not regretted choosing this school.
The teachers have a very strong teaching method. I have a big interest in learning English. When I studied in my high school and university, for me it was very boring. But when I started EC school in Cape Town, my eyes were opened, because everyday I’m enjoyed my lessons, my school and my teachers.
All teachers are very friendly, every time they help you. Thanks so much EC school, because you have good teachers!!!
P.S. Two days ago, I got my first tattoo of the African continent. This country and my school will remain in my memory for a long time. I’ll never forget this time.
– Anastasia Perminova, Russia.



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