Young Learners Activity – Sports Friday

Friday 26th, Sports Time! Each Friday the Young Learners put their skills to the test and on this Particular day it was no different in the baking heat. We all descended on Parkers’ Piece armed with football goals and a volleyball net ready to show the passers-by what EC Cambridge has to offer in the way of sporting prowess. Well not all of us but one thing commendable of this group of students is everyone threw their all into it and succeeded in their own way; making new friends who they may not necessarily had talked to at the beginning of the week through the team work. This was also a last afternoon activity for a group of Young Leaners here at EC but the weeks of hard work did not slow them down in scoring a beast of a goal or an audacious spike over the net on the court.

Sport is not something everyone enjoys however what is impressive is the commitment the EC students show and not being afraid at trying a Ronaldo-esque flick and instead ending up with more of a David Dune rabonna. Here at EC we are proud of our Young Learners and their ability to adapt quickly to the new challenges set ahead of them and even though some at the beginning if the week may of looked in dread at sports Friday each one came off the field smiling having met someone new, doing the unexpected or just simply enjoying the sun.

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Young Learners at EC Cambridge