Graduation Time For Our Young Learners at EC Cambridge

Graduation Time For Young Students Learning English in Cambridge with EC

Last Friday was graduation day for some of our Young Learners here at EC. All of our students gathered in Gibson House reception to assist to the ceremony and cheer on their friends. In the style of proper Cambridge graduations, our students were awarded well-deserved diplomas by the EC team. Every single one of our students has worked very hard in the past couple of weeks, showing up —mostly— on time for classes and demonstrating a high level of commitment and dedication!

Integrating in a new community and making the most of the weeks spent with EC can feel like a daunting task at such a tender age, but these boys and girls have demonstrated a level of participation that goes beyond expectations. Well done! We are very proud of our Young Learners’ improvements over the course of their stay and we hope that they will continue with their studies — and maybe come visit us next year!

In the meanwhile, we wish all our departing Young Learners a happy summer full of chances to practice their English, and we encourage all of our current and future students to follow in their footsteps! If you are interested in learning English in Cambridge at our Young Learners programme, check out our website.