Academic Year 30 Lecture – London

As well as our short term course for Cambridge English we also offer our Academic Year Programme. This is for longer term students wanting to study more than 26 weeks. Today these students attended a Lecture by one of our teachers Vivien on London.

London is of course a very famous English city home to The Queen, the Prime minister and a host of celebrities from musicians to football players, politicians to TV presenters.

London is also the Financial Capital of the World with control over some of the Worlds biggest stock markets.

Today Vivien gave a lecture on lots of parts of London such as the Queen and Buckingham Palace, giving our students an insight into this world famous monument. Our long term students then get some writing practice, writing about this famous city with all of their marks going towards their EC Diploma that they receive at the end of their course!

Academic Year Lecture at EC Cambridge English School


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