Welcome Julie – EC Cambridge

Hi everyone! My name is Julie and as you have already noticed (I hope so) I am the new intern (who is sitting next to Mike!) The internship is part of my studies in Marketing and Management at the IAE of Grenoble (France). At the end of the year, I will start my Master in Marketing. I chose EC Cambridge because I thought it is an opportunity to travel around the UK and meet people from different cultures – and so far I think I made the right choice

IELTS Tests in Cambridge

If you are thinking about taking an IELTS test in Cambridge then EC Cambridge is an excellent place to prepare for the exam. IELTS tests take place about once a month in Cambridge and usually they take place at Anglia Ruskin University, just a two minute walk from the school. Our courses are taught by fully qualified teachers, many of whom work for the IELTS exam board, either as examiners, marking papers or writing blogs for the IELTS website. We have specific courses designed for passing this exam and crash courses in four and eight week blocks. If you want more information, get in touch!

IELTS Exams In Cambridge

Have you considered taking an IELTS exam in Cambridge, home of Cambridge ESOL? At EC we offer crash courses focusing specifically on IETLS courses with the options for four weeks and 8 weeks. The course will give you the English and skills to pass the exam. So why take IELTS? IELTS in internationally recognised and is a staple requirement of many Universities and Employers across the world. Having this certificate show that you not only have a level of English, but that you have also learnt specific skills in order to achieve your score. Take a look at our website for more information.  

Anna Barbieri tells us about her experience at EC Cambridge.

Anna Barbieri is studying the IELTS Course in Cambridge. Here she talks about her experience at EC Cambridge. Today I’m going to talk about the friends whom I met in Cambridge and how, thanks to them, my experience here has become one of the most important and wonderful in my life. I must admit that when I first came wasn’t so easy, especially if the reason of your trip was to escape from your problems. At the beginning I wasn’t open at all and I remembered my first months as a nightmare. After becoming more confident with the language and with the English habits all of a sudden everything changed and for that I have to thank all of my friends, who opening to each other they made me stop thinking about the bad things and the awkwardness of the first time. Becoming friends with those amazing people opened to me not only the possibility to travel across countries and see the beauty that the world has to offer, but also to abandon every entrenched prejudice due to the differences of the races. For that reason, EC school has played a significant role giving to all of these students the opportunity to stay together as a group of people who just enjoy spending time together even without doing anything. Nothing can buy the happiness and the carefreeness of a group of people that stay together in an environment  just with the wish of learning. Thinking about all of this, it just reminded me of a quote from a movie that claims: … it’s hard to stay mad, when there’s so much beauty in the world. Sometimes I feel like I’m seeing it all at once, and it’s too much, my heart fills up like a balloon that’s about to burst… And then I remember to relax, and … Read more

Teacher Profile – Christy Lane

Christy Lane is one of our Academic Year Tutors. She also teaches our Cambridge ESOL Exam Preparation Classes. Here she tells us a little more about herself and gives a few tips for being successful in your exams. Living and working in an international environment with overseas students from all over the world and being able to share different cultural experiences with them are among the most enjoyable aspects of my job as both a teacher and an Academic Year tutor at EC Cambridge.   EC is situated in a wonderful location in central Cambridge and the working environment in the school is friendly, relaxed, committed and egalitarian. I enjoy being able to instill confidence and motivation in my students through a combination of creativity and  encouragement, by just being myself! To date, I have been teaching at EC Cambridge for the past 7 years  with a previous extensive background in Performing Arts, which I feel greatly enhances my skills classes in particular.  I am also an experienced exam teacher of the Cambridge ESOL exams : FCE, CAE & CPE I primarily enjoy teaching English because I love the richness and complexity of the language. It is also very rewarding to experience students progressing, working to their own natural potential and achieving their goals. My tips for learning English are firstly to never to be afraid of making mistakes! – Try to read something everyday in English. –  Immerse yourself in the culture as much as possible outside the classroom. – Try to develop some workable study skills as this is essential for assimilation and consolidation of everything you learn in the classroom. In other words, take responsibility for your own learning outcomes as this will be the quickest and most effective way to progress and improve your level. – Last but not … Read more