EC Phone Home

At EC we are always looking to help students as much as possible whilst they are studying in the UK. We have lots of relationships with companies in Cambridge that help our students save money. Currently we are offering our students free Sim Cards for Lebara mobile. We have Sim Cards for all phones ranging from Standard Sims, right up to Micro Sims. Lebara offer the best rates for phoning abroad and if your friends on Lebara too, you can get free calls and text messages to them. If you want to pick up your free Sim Card then speak to Mike in the Computer Room.      

Praise where its due! – EC Cambridge

Just a quick message to say well done to Stephane Lambelet! Stephane passed his FCE and CAE exams in March and is going for a hatrick by taking the CPE exam in June. So well done Stephane and good luck to you and all our other exam students in June! If you are not studying at EC but are interested in a course, click here, for more information!

Nights out at EC Cambridge

If you want to let your hair down after a hard day studying, we have some great suggestions for the fantastic Cambridge Nightlife! The two main attractions are Ballare Nightclub on a Thursday and Lola Lo on a Monday. Tickets are availavble to buy from reception with good discounts and VIP entry! Just £5 to enter both clubs! If you want something a little more relaxed, check out the live jazz in La Razza or live bands at the Junction. Another suggestion is The Empreror on Hills Road. They have live music and comedy nights twice a week! If you want more information see Mike in the Computer Room!  

World Enviroment Day at EC Cambridge!

This is happening on Wednesday 5th June (NEXT WEEK!) in both buildings. You may have seen the posters dotted around which outline what we’re all going to be doing on this day. It’d be really great if we could all get behind these. I know the Grinch is green, but come on people, get involved with your school!   Not using any paper We’re always being asked to use less paper and come up with “greener” ways to teach and run the school. On this day our challenge is not to use any paper. It’s something we should all be thinking about and trying not to use any for one day will either make you think “Hey, this is easy, I don’t need to use as much paper any more” or “This is ridiculously hard! I hate it and I definitely take paper for granted!”. Either way it’ll be raising awareness in the right way.   Wear green for charity Staff at EC Cambridge will be wearing green for the day! This will come at a cost to them and help to raise money for enviromental charities!

History is all around at EC Cambridge

On an English course with EC Cambridge, you can be sure of a trip on one of the city’s world famous punts. These craft were originally designed to navigate the waterways of the fens. The wetlands that stretch from Cambridge to the sea. Flat bottomed and almost unsinkable they were used by fishermen and hunters to stalk their prey. They have been around for a long time, over 3000 years and were recently unearthed by archaeologists in nearby Peterborough drawing from that period which proves the point. The gardens of the university colleges are best seen from the river so you will have plenty of photo opportunities! Bon voyage!

Easy access at EC Cambridge

Travelling to do a course at EC Cambridge is about to come even easier ! As well as the train links from Paris, Brussel and Berlin from September this year the swiss airline “Drawin Air” will have direct flights to Cambridge city Airport from Milan, Geneva, Amsterdam and Paris. All this in addition to the frequent flights from the European mainland that currently come into nearby Stansted (30min distance). So, what are you waiting for ? Jump on a plane and join our EC team to improve your English!

Nearby places with EC Cambridge.

An added bonus to a course at EC Cambridge would be visits to the attractive and historic towns and cities in the province of England known as East Anglia. Ely, Bury St Edmunds and the capital Norwich are just a short train ride away. Within walking distance through open countryside lives the very pretty village of Granchester and its outdoor tearoom “the orchard”. Here came groups of famous intellectuals like Rupert Brooke, Virginia Wolfe, Wildenstein and Sigmund Freud trying to solve the world’s woes over a cup of tea under the apple trees. Even today world famous author Jeffrey Archer lives in the village continuing a tradition that goes back over 700 years. Geoffrey Chaucer is the first man to write in modern English set one of his famous ”Canterbury tales‘’ here. The bawdy  adventures of 2 cambridge students took place here at the mill that still spans the river. Tread in the footsteps of same of the world’s most famous men and women.

Accommodation at EC Cambridge

One of the things students worry about the most when studying in a foreign country is accommodation. There are so many options available, so which option do you choose? Well here are a few tips to helping you choose the right accommodation for you! Student houses Great for students who want to have a bit more freedom and want to live and interact with other students. EC Cambridge has four all year round residences with both twin and single rooms and choices of shared bathroom or private bathroom. The residences are self catering so students can cook what and when they want too. The houses have all the facilities you need such as WIFI in the communal areas. Living with other students means students often make friends for life and gives this accommodation option a great atmosphere. Located just 25 minutes by bus from the city centre (10 minutes by bike).   Host Family Host families are located all around Cambridge and vary in distance from the school. Its a great way to practice your English as the family will interact with you in English all the time at home. Many of our students enjoy living with a host family so much that they keep in touch after they leave the UK and come and visit reguarly. Host Family is Half Board meaning your host family will provide with you with Breakfast & Dinner. There is also the option of private bathroom in host family. WIFI is available in most cases. This accommodation choice is great for students who want to practice their English at home and also want a home from home accommodation. Summer Residence In Summer we offer CB1 residence. Located right next to Cambridge train station and a 20 minute walk from school this property is in a … Read more

Activities in June at EC Cambridge

Below you can see what great activities we are offering in June. As well as the usual Free English Lessons and weekend excursions, we will be running Punting every week and introducing for the first time this year, The University of Cambridge Botanical Gardens! Remember to check the excursions board in the Computer Room for any updates and of course on Facebook. Look out for not but two awesome concerts as well. Beyonce and Greenday! If you want more information or have any questions see Mike in the Computer Room!

Study ESL abroad at EC Cambridge

Did you know that 375 million people speak English as their first Language? As well as being the primary Language in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand it is also widely spoken in parts of Africa and West Asia as a secondary Language. At EC, we know having English as a second Language is really important to our students. Whether they are from Europe, South America, Asia the middle east, it does not matter, what does matter is that being able to speak English is surely going to help them suceed in a Global Community. In our opinion, the best and quickest way to learn English is to emerse yourself in the Language in this case in a English speaking country. So why not study ESL abroad at EC Cambridge!  As well as great courses we offer great activities and excursions. We have amazing fully qualified native English speaking teachers. We are the most centrally located school in the City, just two minutes walk from the fantastic Kings College and only 50 minutes by train to London. For more information check out our main website by clicking the link above or send us an email.