A New Face at EC Cambridge

EC Cambridge is excited to announce that they have filled the vacant position of Accommodation Assistant. Congratulations to Matthew Anderson! In his own words….. Hello, My names Matthew and I am a recent graduate from Liverpool John Moores University. I am pleased to announce that I am taking over the vacant post of Accommodation Assistant at EC Cambridge and I am really looking forward to joining the EC team. I believe my previous experience in Customer Service will be of great help in adjusting to my new position. Out of work I play Football, I run for a local running club and I love to take on physical challenges for charity. I ran the three peaks challenge in under 24 hours and ran from Glasgow to Ben Nevis raising £1000 for charity. I aim to transfer all my skills and positive characteristics gained from these experiences such as commitment, self-motivation and goal setting, in a bid to make my experience at EC a successful one.  

Todays Activity – EC Cambridge

Today we have a choice of Free English Lessons at 11:00 in the Common Room and a visit to the Zoology Museum at 10:30. Meet at the school! The English Lesson today is on Reading. The Zoology Museum contains a huge collection of Natural Science artifacts collected by Cambridge University! Great fun and should definitely not be missed!  

Don’t forget to say Goodbye – EC Cambridge

Just a quick note to say goodbye to our fantastic Brazilian Group from Cultural Adventure. We really hoped you enjoyed your English Course in Cambridge and your time at EC. If you are interested in sending a group of students to EC to learn English in Cambridge, why not check out our main website! http://www.ecenglish.com/

University help anyone? – EC Cambridge

At EC Cambridge, we love to help our English Language Students decide their future. Whether this is helping with CV’s or giving them advice on further studies in the UK, we are commited to helping students ‘Succeed In The Global Community’. On February 9th there is a university fair designed specifically for International Language Students. You can meet and talk with University representatives from all over the UK who can give you help and advice on their courses and entry requirements. We have some free tickets to this fair, so if you want to find out more, why not to speak to Mike in the Computer Room.

Certificate Ceromony – EC Cambridge

Once you complete your English Language Course in Cambridge at EC, you receive a Certificate of Studies. Remember if you are leaving EC Cambridge to collect your certificate from the Computer Room at 12:20 on the Friday that you leave. If you want to take an exit test before you leave, please see Kavita or Rosemary in the Academic Office.  

February Excursions – EC Cambridge

Remember whilst studying English in Cambridge at EC, we offer you a fantastic arrange of excursions to choose from! The excursions for February are now up on the activities notice board, so after your English Language Classes and at weekends there is plenty of fun things to do! Every Wednesday we offer trips to Londons West End to see plays such as The Lion King, Phantom Of The Opera, Mama Mia, We Will Rock You and Thriller. Every Saturday we have trips to places like London, Stratford, Oxford, York and also full weekend trips to Liverpool, Edinburgh, Wales, Bath, Amsterdam and Paris. So make sure you check out the activities board in the Computer Room and our facebook page to stay up to date!

Photo Memories 2012! – EC Cambridge

I thought I would share some photos from last year at EC Cambridge. We had a great year thanks to our wonderful English Language Students! If you are interested in an English Language course in Cambridge, why not visit our main website or find us on Facebook!  

British vs American English! – EC Cambridge

There are many different forms of English. The most well-known are the British and American forms. Even though the Americans and the British are cousins and share history, they are very different in culture and in use of language too. This is mainly because English in Britain has evolved a lot faster than the American form, which is much older. An example of this is the word autumn which is called the fall in the states. Many hundreds of years ago in Britain, autumn was also referred to as “the fall”. Perhaps more surprisingly, it was an English man called Thomas Paine, who inspired the American Patriots in 1776 to declare independence from Britain and wrote the beginnings of the American Constitution. Here are some examples of British and American vocabulary. See if you can match the synonyms. British:  1. Sweets                                                   American: A. Faucet                2. Petrol                                                                         B. Garbage/Trash                3. Rubbish                                                                      C. Sidewalk                4. Tap                                                                              D. Candy                5. Pavement                                                                   E. Gas If you’re not sure, why not check with an online dictionary or maybe with a friend who you think might know the answers. Expand your vocabulary while learning English at EC Cambridge. Another great way to help your studies is to watch films. This may not be new to you, but have you ever tried to watch a film in your language first and then in English? If not, give it a try! You will be surprised how much you learn.

Kings College – EC Cambridge

Whilst studying English at EC Cambridge, remember you can join our free activities! As well as Free English Lessons three times a week and our book club, this week we will be visiting Kings College, probably the most spectacular and well known College in Cambridge. If you want to join this activity for free, then meet outside the school at 10:30. Today and tomorrow!

A fairly new face at EC Cambridge!

Great news from EC Cambridge! We are happy to announce that Rosemary Davenport has taken over as Assistant Director of Studies at EC Cambridge. Rosemary has worked as a teacher at EC for a few years and assisted with organising the Academic side of our Junior Programme! So if you see Rosemary walking about, please welcome her to her new role at EC.