Trash Fashion – Week 6

The big Monday night welcome party in Week 6 was Trash Fashion, a chance for all of the new students to be able to show what they can do in the fashion world, in terms of design and catwalk skills! How did they do? I think these photos show some excellent designs, as well as some rather strange ones…

Excursions next week are…..

London (£22) Stratford and Warwick Castle (£30) and a full weekend, Friday to Sunday, in Edinburgh. Hotel, transport, guided tour, visit to Edinburgh Wool Mill and excursion to Durham all included in the price £180. Don’t miss out! See  Mike to book!

Brighton VS Chelsea

We have just acquired a limited number of tickets to Chelsea Vs Brighton on the 4th August! See Mike to book your place.


Remember that at EC Cambridge you can book a transfer to take you from your accommodation to the Airport See Mike or check out our website for more information and prices.


Next week we are going Punting, Great St Mary’s Tower and Cambridge survival tour!

EC Cambridge – Facilities

At EC Cambridge we ensure we go the extra mile by ensuring our students have everything they need for their stay in England. Students can print, photocopy, fax and scan documents at a small charge. We have free wifi, a computer suite with 15 Computers and a library with books and DVD’s that students can borrow. We can even help you find a job or and internship whilst you are studying. So why choose anywhere else. Check out our website for more information on our English Courses.

IELTS courses

Here at EC Cambridge we run courses specifically for the IELTS exam. So if you need an English Course desgined to help you pass the IELTS, why look anywhere else? Our IELTS classes will teach you everything you need to pass the exam with the combination of excellent teachers and brilliant course materials. For more information, why not pop in to the school or visit our website.