Murder Mystery, WHO DUNNIT?

Today the Junior Students at EC Cambridge embarked on a trail of blood lust, greed and jealousy leading to Murder! All this topped off by a twist that would have even Sherlock Holmes confused make for an exciting chase. The Juniors were presented with a body and a chalk outline and some interesting facts or statements. From here it is up to them to figure out who the culprit is, is it Anthony, David, Nadia, Andi or Ben?     The most obvious answer is Anthony a vile cruel creature with a stench about him, however in these mysteries it is never the most obvious character. Our Juniors must put their thinking caps on and use the English they have learnt to learn the identity of the Murderer! WHO DUNNIT?

London is coming!

This week’s new intake of Juniors have a fun packed weekend in London to look forward to. El Classico has nothing on the world famous London Red Buses:   Also being visited is the much loved sight of big ben ever a calming sight in the hubbub of London:   We wish all out new arrivals a wonderful weekend!  

International Night

EC Juniors enjoyed another great Welcome Party in the form of International Night! Cakes and a multicultural setting made for a perfect evening! Face painting, bingo and baking our Juniors skill set keeps growing with their time here on the EC Cambridge Junior Summer Programme 2011. Once again a big welcome to all our new arrivals.

London Weekend Trip

What finer way to top of a week full of EC English lessons, wonderful EC Junior Programme 2011 activities and brilliant sunshine than an EC excursion to LONDON. The students had a walking tour of London seeing the sights such as Buckingham Palace, Horse Gaurds Parade and The House of Paliament.    

Casino Night Experience

The Junior Students of EC Cambridge have been trying their hands at Poker and other Caino games. Maybe one of these students will hit the Poker All Stars table and win big money, if so it would be no doubt down to the EC Junior Summer Programme 2011!      

Speed Dating Welcome Evening

Using their new found English language skills the students have been participating in the EC Junior Summer Programme’s Speed Dating Activity. The students have made lots of new friends of different nationalities through this unique activity which encourages the use of knowledge learnt EC English Lessons.    

Fun and a British experience at Ely

The sun and Ely Cathedral made for a wonderful half day excursion! Taking a break from EC English lessons the students explored the quaint town that has made Ely a destination for thousands of people a year.      

Farewell Party

So we say a fond farewell to all those students who have been with us for two weeks. Friends have been made and English learnt through the EC Junior Summer programme. We hope everyone who is leaving us enjoyed their stay!

Calling all EC Cambridge Football Players

With this tournament coming up at the beginning of August we have decided to have extra training sessions every week. From this Thursday we will be having football training from 20:20 – 21:30 at Chesterton Sports Center as well as the usual training on Sunday afternoons at Parkers Piece. If you want to play, the tournament is on the the 7th August. Please see Mike to sign up.

This weekends excursions

This weekend we have trips to London and Canterbury & Leeds Castle. London is £20 and includes a guided coach tour. Canterbury & Leeds Castle is £30 and includes entrance to the Castle. See Mike to book your place