Hi all. I have just received a limited number of Tickets to watch Manchester United Vs Aston Villa in the Barclays Premier League at Old Trafford. Price includes transfers to and from the stadium in Manchester and of course the all important Match Ticket. See Mike to book your place and hurry as this will sell out fast!  £73

This Weekend’s Excursions

This weekend we have three excursions for you to choose from. Saturday we travel to York. A guided walking tour of this historic city takes you back to Roman, Viking and Medieval England. Price £30 Sunday we travel to Greenwich Located east of London on the River Thames, Greenwich is a great day out. Explore Royal Greenwich Market and the shops, enjoy the street entertainers and musicians and sample international foods. The trip costs you £20.00 inc transfer. And Finally we have a weekend trip to Amsterdam! One of Europe’s most beautiful and exciting cities. Here we take a sightseeing boat ride on the famous canals that run through the city and have a chance to explore the shops, art galleries, museums, coffee bars and, of course, take an evening tour through the famous red light area and have two evenings to enjoy the city’s great night life. On Sunday we take an excursion into the Dutch countryside and a visit to both a cheese and a clog factory as well as a visit to a Belgium chocolate shop on our journey home. Canal boat cruise, tour of red light area, visits to cheese and clog factories and Belgium chocolate shop included. £180.00

This Weeks Musicals

On Wednesday night we have trips to not one but two Musicals in Londons West End. Choose between Victor Hugo’s Freench Masterpiece Les Miserables or a musical about classic British rock legends Queen. Les Miserables – £43.oo We Will Rock You – £44.00 See Mike for more details and to book your place!

This Weeks Free Activities

This week we have a trips to the Sedgwick Museum and Castle Hill. The Sedwick Museum in Cambridge is one of the best geological museums in the country. Exhibitions of fossil records take visitors on a trip through time from the earliest life on earth, to the origins of modern life. The fossils are arranged by age. You can simply walk from one display cabinet to the next following the ages through. The Normans built a castle on Castle Hill in 1068. It was particularly important to fortify Cambridge, since Hereward the Wake was defying Norman rule in Ely. All that is left of the castle is Castle Mound and a few stones in the grounds of Shire Hall, off Castle Hill. Segdwick  Museum – Tuesday 14:30/Wednesday 10:30 Castle Hill – Tuesday 10:30/Wednesday 14:30 Have a great week

Free English Lessons!

We have free English Lessons open to all existing students. Go to the academic office to sign up. These run Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 10:45. Speak to Natasha, Madge or Daniela for more information!

This weeks Excursions!

This weekend we have three trips for you to enjoy! On Saturday we visit Brighton. A perfect day out by the seaside. Why not visit the Pier or Pavillions! £30 On Sunday visit Canterbury and Leeds Castle. Visit Englands oldest Cathedral, the Roman Museum and then onto the medieval Leeds Castle. £30 If you would prefer some time away we are also offering a trip to Edinburgh! Leaving Friday and returning Sunday it includes, 2 nights accommodation, transfers to and from Edinburgh,  entry to the Scottish Woolen Museum, a day trip to Durham and Whiskey tasting. £165 See Mike for more details and information on how to book!

This weeks free activities!!!!!

This week outside your English Lessons we have a couple of free activities for you to attend! Great St Marys Tower Great St Marys Church is located just off Market square opposite Kings College! This is a great chance to go up the tower and get a great view of Cambridge. Meet at the school – Tuesday 10:30 or Wednesday 14:30. Also we visit the Zoology Museum. Here you can find specimens of every animal and find out their evolutionary relationship. Meet at the school – Tuesday 14:30 or Wednesday 10:30. Have a great week!

Student Blog

Sun and Joao, in an intermediate class, wrote about New Year in their countries: South Korea Usually, Korean people make resolutions when a new year begins. For example, ‘stop smoking’ or ‘stop drinking’, but it’s usually short-lived, often only lasting three days! In Korea, There are two ‘New year’s days’. One is the Solar New year on January 1st. The other is New Year’s Day according to the lunar calendar in February We eat stew in February. It’s made of Dderk, which is a traditional food in Korea. We ring a big bell on January 1st to ring in the New Year. This bell called a New Year’s Eve Bell. Brazil In Brazil there are many different traditions, one of the most important is the colour of the clothes, because it represents what kind of luck the person wants for the next year. The most popular is white. Everybody wears white clothes believing that they are going to have peace and harmony all year long. Usually there are parties all night, but the most important time is midnight, when everybody drinks champagne and give big hugs and kisses wishing each other happness and love in the new year. Joao Vitor.

REMINDER for FCE, CAE and CPE exam students

Calling all EC Cambridge English Language School Students. The closing date for registration of the FCE, CAE and CPE exams is next week. Your teachers will give you  more information and inform you of how to enroll.


This weekend we have a limited number of tickets left to travel to Paris! Take this opportunity to spend two nights in the capital of France. Only £180 Price includes transfers to and from Paris, 2 nights accommodation, a city coach tour, admission to the second level of the Eiffel Tower,  and a day trip on Sunday to Montmatre. All in all a great weekend for a great price! See Mike for more details and to book.