EC students enjoy summer in the city!

We all know our EC language students study very hard but whilst you are studying in one of the most beautiful cities in the world we would like to encourage you to make the most of your stay and see all the lovely places and partake in all the fun events Cambridge has to offer Cambridge truly is a green city – the natural fen landscape flows right into the centre along the river Cam, cows grazing within sight of Kings College Chapel. You can picnic under the trees along The Backs and admire the stunning displays of flowering bulbs in Spring, or while away the hours in beautifully kept College grounds and Fellows gardens. The public parks and commons provide a paradise for children with play equipment, football pitches and tennis courts Here are a few events not to miss this summer Thursday 30 April 2009 to Thursday 7 May 2009 The famous Beer Festival is now firmly on the calendar for lovers of real ale, with cheddar cheese, pickles and other British edible goodies to try. Gourmet Europe comes to town in the summer with the busy and bustling French and European Markets on Parkers Piece. Grab yourself a bratwurst, an authentic crepe or some Belgian chocolates! Wednesday 6 May 2009 Buskers and Street Performers Festival The second Buskers and Street Performers Festival will take place during the Heart of the World Festival. The free four-day event will celebrate all of the talent and culture we have in the city and create a fabulous atmosphere. There will be a diverse range of music and dance throughout the city centre, with street performers from all over the region taking part. Make sure you pick up your copy of the Cambridge explorer in the library for a full calendar of … Read more

“Jolly Good”

What does this phrase mean? Nigel’s students, in particular, are rather confused by it. Last week, when someone passed her FCE exam, Nigel said “jolly good!” When another student said he was enjoying the course Nigel again said “jolly good”. Yesterday a rather difficult student told Nigel he was leaving the school and Nigel’s reply was, once again,” jolly good”. Trying to clarify this language point, several students consulted both “Red Murphy” and “Blue Murphy”, grammar books but with no success. Finally Nigel’s students asked him if he could build in a lesson on “jolly good” in the programme for next week. Nigel’s reply was – you’ve guessed it! – “jolly good!”

Do you know what day it is on the 23 April?

St George’s day is celebrated on the 23 April.St George’s Day is celebrated by several nations, kingdoms, countries, and cities, of which Saint George is the patron saint, including England, the old kingdoms and counties of the Crown of Aragon in Spain – Aragon, Catalonia and Valencia; Portugal, Georgia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Republic of Macedonia, and the cities of Moscow in Russia, Genova in Italy, Ljubljana in Slovenia, Beirut in Lebanon, and many others. Although this is not a bank holiday in England it is still a very special day for all who live here. Paintings and pictures of St George normally show the brave warrior slaying a dragon For those wondering where the Dragon “fits in” with this story, as legend would uphold: St. George, on a particular day, came to a city known as Selem, where nearby lived a dragon in a swamp. As part of the dragons’ daily dietary requirements, he required to be fed one of the City’s citizens, the poor unfortunate drawn by lot. The day St .George arrived, the lot had fallen upon the King’s Daughter- -Leolinda. In a “magnanimous” gesture of bravery and chivalry, St. George resolved that the Princess should not die. Hence he mounted his trusty steed, attacked and slew the dragon. In celebration of St George’s day we ask all our EC language students to dress up in red and white on the 23 April .EC Cambridge will host a  fun quiz night in the library starting at  6:00 pm.All EC students are invited to participate.Fantastic prizes up for grabs!!See you there.

School Closed Easter weekend.

EC would kindly like to remind all our students that the school will be closed on Friday 10 April and Monday 13 April due to the Easter holidays. The school will reopen on Tuesday 14 April at 8:30 am We hope all our students will have a wonderful Easter weekend and have tons of  fun!

EC Easter Egg Painting Contest!

Are you feeling creative?To celebrate Easter EC Cambridge will host an Easter egg painting contest for our students on the 8th April.Eggs and paint will be supplied.Meet Charlene in the Library from 6:00 – 7:30 to join in on the fun.5 Prizes are up for grabs!! SEE YOU THERE!!