Maria Pilar & Bristol!

Maria Pilar Rodes, Spanish student, would like to share her personal experience in Bristol and we would like to thank her very much for this beautiful testimonial.


Since I received the news of this opportunity about coming to study English in Bristol, my life has changed.

For me Bristol is a fantastic city. I have met many people who make the best of my days. I came here for one reason: to improve my English.

I have been talking with natives and I think it helped to improve my listening and speaking skills as well.

EC Bristol is amazing; you have language exchanges every day with people from all over the world. My teachers have the best way to teach you English and every day I learn new things.

I have been getting to know beautiful cities of England and I hope to know more.

For me this is a new life experience far from home that will help me grow and change the way I see things.