Welcome to Bristol!

The students in the writing class at EC Bristol would like to share their opinions about good excursions to go on if living in Bristol and/or studying at EC Bristol.   Welcome to Bristol If you are staying in Bristol in order to study English and you want to find out more about English culture, you can go and visit beautiful cities near Bristol.  For example: Bath, Oxford, London and Cardiff.   London! Dear Students, Have you ever been to London? It’s the moment to go visiting the most famous, wonderful city, where there are a lot of activities and street performers to watch. Do you know what? It’s very cheap to go there. The cheapest if you book a few days before it’s around 20 pounds by bus « MEGABUS » Go on the website https://uk.megabus.com and book. What can you do in London? The first activity, if you want to have the most stunning view of London then you must go to the London eye. Moreover the price is £ 29. 50. If you book online on the website: http://www.londoneye.com, it will be cheaper 26.55 then you save 10%. The second activity,  it is Madame Tussauds London, there are a plenty of actors, singers, president, football player and a lot of important people like Albert Einstein in wax where you can take picture. Furthermore, there is a huge cinema. The price is £30; however if you book online it is £22.50 so you save 25% You don’t want to spend any money? Go near to London Eye; there are unbelievable street performers, where you can take a picture and to make videos. Then, you can visit Buckingham Palace where you can take a picture with the people, who works for the Queen, I have been there and it was marvellous to see incredible places … Read more

Student workshop at EC Bristol!

Pre-intermediate students at EC Bristol all watched a British TV programme and then created a TV poster review describing the content and their opinion of their programme. Have a look at their incredible efforts!  

EC Bristol Girls Football Team!

At EC Bristol, we are really proud of our Girls Football Team. Their skills and enthusiasm rival the boys. EC student Paula Casado is currently the captain of this fantastic team. If you are interested in joining the team, do not hesitate to speak to the staff members of EC Bristol.          

Yuliana shares her thoughts about EC Bristol trip to Oxford

Our student Yuliana would like to share her thoughts about EC Bristol school trip. Last weekend I lived one of the most beautiful experiences thanks to EC Bristol. I visited Oxford, a city in the central southern of England well known worldwide as a university town. The day was incredible with a very cold winter breeze but it was also sunny. We began the journey in one of the museums of Oxford The Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeologyis one of Britain’s oldest public museum and one of the oldest museums in the world, there you can learn about Egypt, Chinese, Greek and other cultures; you can also find a great variety of sculptures, statues and paintings, dating back a thousand years. Then we continue the walking through Oxfords streets and the main Universities of the place. Another site that we visited was St. Mary the Virgin Church College with a great architecture design from the 13th century it is considered one of the oldest university buildings in the world with a beautiful slender tower, is amazing to stop and think how people were able to build these magnificent structures and that after so many centuries we can know it. Also we visited the Museum of Art and Science where we can find a collection of more than 10,000 scientific instruments, but the place that I really like was Christ Church Collage It is an Educational, Religious and Historic place it’s the house of the film of Harry Potter movies I cannot explain with words the mix of feelings that felt in that place walking the halls, gardens and the main dining room it was really amazing, but that is not all, you can find the Cathedral a holly place full of peace it was wonderful. And to relax we went … Read more

Rap song at EC Bristol

Check out this EC student's rap about his every day life at EC Bristol! Wake up in the morning, quite lazy Have breakfast and learn Walk in the street, always happy Go & take the bus, catch a lady   Arrive at school, hello Stella I'm going to say good mornin' to Sara Tony is our Father Dan is our Master I like the teachers Are you late? Got to pick up the paper Don't be shy Don't need to cry   We have a test and I didn't study Even though I wanna get 100% The EC Bristol team would like to thank Alcides for his amazing rap song.

Gina’s charitable project at EC Bristol!

Gina Rooke, one of our teachers at EC Bristol, is collecting old books from students who have just finished their courses to donate them to Charity. The charity in Indonesia is The IDEP Foundation. It is a local Indonesian NGO based in Bali that develops and delivers training, community programmes and media related to sustainable development through Permaculture, and Community-based Disaster Management. The majority of the doners and volunteers that go to help the charity are English speakers, so that the local people who want to improve their English are able to communicate more effectively. IDEP Foundation: http://www.idepfoundation.org/ The second charity is Bristol Refugee Rights. It was set up as a voluntary organisation in 2006 to uphold and champion the human rights of asylum seekers and refugees. They provide a place of welcome in Bristol where asylum seekers and refugees can meet and be supported to play a full part in the life of the wider community and also campaign for the human rights of refugees and asylum seekers. We donated the books to the BRILL Programme which offers class-based learning, especially focusing on English language. All lessons are taught by volunteers. Bristol Refugee Rights website: http://www.bristolrefugeerights.org/what-we-do/brill/

Careers Help at EC Bristol Language School

Germaine Broadbent, our Careers Adviser at EC Bristol, would like to explain how she could help students with their career goals. One of the joys of my job as Careers Adviser for EC Bristol is that although I am a tall, blonde, caucasian British woman working as a careers adviser, when I write emails I can be a completely different person! What do I mean? This week I  wrote an email for a French male Law graduate in order for him to apply for both temporary and, after his EC course finishes, permanent employment via a specialist legal recruitment company. After telephoning Maggie at BCL Legal I understood the process of applying: Applications from Law graduates are welcome if they have a minimum of 6 months work experience – paid or unpaid – within the legal profession, send a CV & information about their specialised area of law. Kevin needed to make a couple of changes to his CV, before sending it to the Recruitment organisation, so I wrote the draft email to accompany the CV in the first person ie. 'Dear Maggie, My name is Kevin etc.' for him to send later – which he did as i was cced on the email! Writing an email as if direct from a student is simply a virtual way of getting their foot in the door. It means Kevin has a template email to approach other companies and he can edit it as he wishes of course. Students at EC English work very hard to improve their English & they succeed. My role as careers adviser is to give them that extra bit of help outside of their studies to help them to achieve their life goals. I am next at EC Bristol on Thursday 13th February 12.15 – 15.15 & … Read more