The hairdresser

Studying at EC Bristol English school or working in the UK, you wouldn't be able to avoid the hairdresser's experience.

First of all, the main thing you might need is vocabulary.

A trim, a perm, highlights, a wash, a cut, a blow dry, a fringe, wax…etc.

There are plenty of useful terms to know before you get to the hairdresser. And we suggest you go & have a look at that very instructive video:

And finally you will need a place to go.

We all know how much British people enjoy spending time at the hairdresser and you won't be disappointed by the choice of hairdressers in Bristol.

Here are some suggestions for you:

  • Hobbs
  • Toni & Guy
  • Lavish Salon & Spa
  • Reflections
  • Essensuals
  • The Barber Shop
  • Macks Daddys
  • RSR Mens Hair
  • Central Studio