EC Football Tournament

Last weekend, EC Bristol students' football team went to compete with the other UK EC teams in the city of Reading! EC Bristol  three teams: "A.C. Bristol", "Dynamo Bristol" and "Atletico Bristol". Players : Alejandro, Alberto, Lucca, Etienne, Kibum, Sebastian, Beomjong, Bekbolat, Kyunkyyum, Giorgio, sentMubarak, Cyril. See the pictures below: The game started at 12:30 and finished at around 5pm. It was a long but exciting tournament. Everyone gave their best and one of our EC Bristol teams succeeded in finishing in third position! However the team couldn't pick up their rewards because of their early coach bus departure so a ceremony will be held to hand out EC medals at the school. Well done to everyone who took part!

Did you know?

Did you know that this summer a photographer came to EC Bristol to take some pictures of our students for the brand new 2014 EC catalogue? Two groups of 5 students were taken around Bristol to pose. And we are really happy with the fantastic shots that were produced. Please have a look at the photographs on our EC Bristol Facebook page: The new catalogue is now done and ready to read! EC Bristol school is located right in the city centre, where Bristol's historic dockside offers something for everyone looking for fun. At the moment, we are running a 2014 special offer so if you wish to know more please click on that link Don't miss out if you wish to get the best deal in our English courses!

Letters from our Italian Group

Last week, at EC Bristol, we had a very friendly Italian group from the city of Cuneo. They had different workshops to do and one of them was to reply at a letter written by their EC teachers (Benjamin & Mirium). They wrote such lovely letters that we would like to share them with you. If you wish to bring a group of students from your country to study at EC Bristol in the year 2014, please be aware of our special offer(deadline 31st of October) and you'll be sure to receive the best value English lessons. Drawing of our Italian group made by one of our teachers! Please read below two of the selected letters. First Letter Dear Ben & Mirium, I've received your letter and so I'm gonna reply to you. I've really enjoyed your lessons becase they are so different than ours, in Italy. Last year I went to Edinburgh but the lessons were just about grammar and talking, and you've done more than this! The trip in the museum, when we've interviewed people in their local shops, the "music lesson" and in general all the activities that we've done were so brilliant!!! I think that my most memorable experience is when my brother and me had to walk to Bath (a 2 hour walk) because we've missed the train. When we've arrived we were really exhausted but both of us enjoyed it! During my schooltrip I've understood (more than before) that English is an amazing thing because it gives people the possibility to talk to each other, understand and travel around the world. I'll be a photographer so English is really important for me. I'll travel a lot and so I must improve it!!! Maybe…Why not?!? I'll spend 1 year (or more) abroad in England or Australia to improve it! I know that … Read more

Bristol tourist guide made by our fantastic student!

A few days ago some of our students were assigned a workshop project. They had to create a Bristol guide for tourists. The students were split into different groups and had to interview native speakers from local shops in Bristol. The questions asked were focused on the best places to eat at/visit in Bristol during the day & at night. Have a look below at their amazingly creative Bristol guide: Group 1 Group 2

Get best value English lessons at EC Bristol!

Our language school EC Bristol located right in the city centre, close to all ammenities such as the Tourist Information Office, supermarkets, Museums & Art Galleries, lovely parks, hospitals and residences, offers a wide range of courses and activities. We run Cambridge Exam Preparation, IELTS preparation, General/Intensive English courses, English for work and Business English courses as well as being a TOEIC test centre. We also organise activities and trips (Cider Sampling, Bowling, Graffiti Tour, Art galleries and Museums visits, Academic lectures, trip to Oxford, trip to Stonehenge & Salisbury, trip to Bath, trip to London and so on) to make it easier to meet new people and help to improve your English. Why not have a look at our EC Bristol Facebook page:‎ The year 2014 is fast approaching and we are running a special offer for all of you (deadline 31st of October). The EC team is always happy to give information about English courses so you can always contact them by phone, by email or online via our social media. See below a picture of some of our awesome EC Bristol teachers!  

It’s lunchtime! Find out what our students eat…

Lunch or dinner time is the meal in the middle of the day. And at EC Bristol students and members of staff all have different opinions of the best place to eat in the city. Students have the opportunity to chat with native speakers and enjoy food from all around the world. After interviewing students and members of staff we have come up with a list of the top 10 best cafes and take aways in the city: Spicer + Cole & Cafe Gusto are great for toasties, fresh juice and coffee. Falafel King is great for Middle-eastern inspired bite. Creperie is reknown for its savoury crepes.       4. Want to try a West country delicacy? Head to Parson's the bakers for a traditional cornish pasty.       5. Saint Nicholas Market has a very wide variety of food from all over the world. Most notably Italian, Portuguese, Jamaican and Moroccan.       6. If you are keen on sushi, go to Obento – it is the best in the city! Our EC members of staff have a designated sushi day.       7. Still hungry? Check out Lopresti in the city centre for an award winning ice cream.       8. Domino's pizza, Pizza Hut & Subway for fast food & easy to take away.       9. Sainsbury's, Tesco and Co Operative are supermarkets where you can get sandwiches, salad, cakes and fruits.      10. Philpotts, Balwins and Boulangerie are places where you can enjoy a jacket potato and/or baguette/sandwiches at best value. EC Bristol offers best value English lessons for the year 2014. So if you are willing to go abroad and learn English, have a look at our website and you will be able to see more information about our English courses:

A few words from our Academic Year student David…

David, one of our EC Bristol Academic Year students, wrote… Since I was 10 years old I have been in different English courses. But just the last year I started to be interested in this language. Now I'm in Bristol and I feel like all my life I have wasted my time and money because living in a place where everybody speaks English is the best way to learn it. Now I've been in England for about 5 months and I really can notice my change and I feel more confident about this. Cheers! With love David 😀 And some of his classmates replied… You are right David. To stay in another country is the best way to learn and understand their culture. Great point! Being here for over 5 months, I can notice that I've improved a lot. Academic Year students stay for 6 months or more at one of our EC schools and they get the opportunity to focus on their English studies in greater depth obtaining further personal guidance and support from their Academic Year tutor.  

Find out what Juan thinks about EC Bristol!

We would like to thank very much Juan for his great testimonial. Juan was studying an ESL course abroad at EC Bristol. Juan, tell us what do you think about EC Bristol? Why did you choose this destination? I came to Bristol because I had a friend here. Thanks to EC Bristol, I have improved my English and met different people and cultures. How much did you improve? Between 1 and 10, I think 8! What was your favourite EC activity? Why? Pub night and Multicultural dinner because they are free and a good opportunity to meet new people. What did you like the most about the school and the lessons? Lessons are a good opportunity to improve especially our speaking skills. Would you recommend EC to a friend? Yes, I would! Where did your new friends come from? China, Turkey, Italy, Spain, Korea, Switzerland and Thailand. What did you like most about the social leaders? I've just met Ash and he always tries to speak with people. What will you remember from your stay? It's one of the best experiences during my life because it has been amazing and useful! 😀