Artist in the school

During break time, the students enjoy their free time in many ways. Reading, playing games, going outside and taking fresh air, chatting, surfing on the internet, eating snacks…etc One of them in particular likes drawing. Here is a picture of the artist and his model. What do you think? and here is a picture of the model and the drawing 😀 The EC Team xx  

Welcome Event for New Students ONLY!!!

On Mondays, EC Bristol organises a Welcome Event for all the new students. This activity permits the students to get to know each other, have some food & soft drinks in a very nice atmosphere. Our EC Activity Leader bring them into a pub and try to mix everyone. The Welcome Event is the perfect place to make new friends and have some fun! The EC Team xx  

BANKSY GRAFFITI THEMED for the Art Crafts Afternoon

AMAZIIIIIIIIIIIIIING Last week, the Art Afternoon was a huge success. Loads of students participated in this activity. They had to draw a graffiti of their choice and all of them played the game. On Friday a winner will be nominated. Which one do you prefer? The EC Team xx

World Teachers’ Day

Hi Guys, the World Teachers's day went fantastically well !!! Some students taught salsa, indian cooking, traditional Thai dancing and Korean culture to their teachers. Everyone had a great time! On our facebook page you can find some pictures and a video of the World Teachers's Day.     The EC Team xx    


Early morning Hunger? Have you ever tried an English Breakfast? If not, it's time to have a go! SAY NO TO THE CEREALS! Here is a simple English Breakfast receipe: Go to the supermarket, buy some bread/toast/bagels (JOOLS said NO to the bagels but I like them), bacon, eggs, tomatoes and mushrooms. Don't forget to buy a fresh orange juice. Quick to prepare, tasty and it will melt in your mouth! OM NOM NOM! The EC Team xx  


Hey guys, I hope you are enjoying your time here in the fantastic city of Bristol. During the See-No-Evil festival, not only were there graffers mixed with the crowd but also dogs…not just any dogs…Stylish dogs!!! Bristol rocks! The EC Team xx