EC Boston Students to learn more Boston culture by attending a Red Sox game!

We all know that Boston is a great city to study in, let alone study english! With hundreds of universities based in the city, it is not hard to see why Boston is the destination of choice for so many international students wanting to learn more about American culture and practice their english skills. One of America’s favorite past-times happens to be baseball and Boston’s team, The Boston Red Sox, just happens to have a huge devoted following and the team itself has a very storied past to say the least! EC Boston will be taking students to tonight’s game at Fenway Park and in honor of this, here is a little bit of history on the team: Boston was a dominant team in the new league, defeating the Pittsburgh Pirates in the first World Series in 1903 and winning four more championships by 1918. However, they then went into one of the longest championship droughts in baseball history, called by some the “Curse of the Bambino” after its alleged beginning with the Red Sox’s sale of Babe Ruth to the rival Yankees in 1918, an 86-year wait before the team’s sixth World Championship in 2004. However, the team’s history during that period was hardly one of futility, but was rather punctuated with some of the most memorable moments in World Series history, including Enos Slaughter‘s “mad dash” in 1946, the “Impossible Dream” of 1967, Carlton Fisk‘s home run in 1975, and Bill Buckner‘s error in 1986. Red Sox history has also been marked by the team’s intense rivalry with the New York Yankees, arguably the fiercest and most historic in North American professional sports.[3][4][5] Since 2003, the Red Sox have been perennial playoff contenders and have won two World Series, emerging as one of the most successful MLB teams … Read more

EC Boston Student Events This Week!

EC Boston has alot of great events coming up this week – check it out! Tuesday May 17th – Red Sox Game with Kaitlin and Casey ($45) Wednesday May 18th – Korean Resteraunt with Amit ($15+) Thursday May 19th – Dinner with Jason ($15+) Saturday May 21st – Brunch with Rebecca ($15+) Come to the front desk to learn more about these and other events going on this month