My EC Boston Experience – By Ray C. of Taiwan

Lap Quoc Luong of Taiwan (you may know him as Ray C) recently graduated from EC and will fly back to Taiwan today. Ray was a student here since March of last year and has gone from our Elementary level to Upper Intermediate. He served as a Student Ambassador and was well-known around the school for always planning fun dinners and outings for students, teachers and staff to take part in. He was also known for being a foodie and introducing everyone to good restaurants and unique dishes!

We will truly miss his humor, energy and kindness around the school. Here is what Ray wanted to share about his experience at EC Boston, complete with a funny short story about an early experience trying to order a coffee in English at the local Starbucks. Enjoy!


I remember the first time I came to Boston. I couldn’t speak any English. I only knew the most basic words and expressions. I really appreciate the teachers at EC Boston for helping me. I’ve improved my English a lot. Coming here meant not just merely learning English. I have also made many friends who come from different countries. I’ve learned lots of interesting aspects of their cultures. I’m really delighted to have met them and I have had so much fun at EC Boston.

I want to share about one of the funniest experiences I had in Boston with you.

A few months ago, one day I woke up early because I had a morning class. That day, I was very tired so I needed a coffee. I went to Quincy Market to buy a coffee. This is what happened:

Clerk: What is your name?

Me: My name is Ray.

Clerk: Sorry, what is your name?

Me: My name is Ray.

I also spelled out my name to her, but she asked me again. At that moment, I felt a little bit annoyed, so I told her, “My name is Starbucks.” She looked at me, laughed and said, “You’re so funny.” I felt so tired and my facial expression was serious when I answered,“You too.” There were many people behind me waiting to order their meals. They also laughed.

As I waited my coffee, I didn’t think it was funny. Suddenly, I heard someone yell, “Ice coffee for…Starbucks?!” At that time, I felt it was funny and also laughed along with them.

Since this experience, when I go buy coffee, I always use a different name. Sometimes my name is Mickey, Hamburger, Happy Day, Banana, EC Boston, and so on. Now, I just want to use an easy name to get my drink quickly, because they used to write my name the wrong way, i.e. Gray or Lay. Even Gay! This really annoyed me! Any way, my different names are now an inside joke I have with the people who work at Starbucks, and even though they now know my real name, they look forward to hearing what my name of the day will be.

What a funny and cute moment in Boston for me to remember and laugh about.

On behalf of everyone at EC Boston, thank you for everything, Ray! Best of luck to you on all of your future endeavors.